Do You Have Persistent and Unresponsive Health Issues?

Everyday I meet people who are struggling. They’ve tried “everything”, and nothing seems to work. Many are successfully using a prescribed medication or symptom-relieving product – yet finding only temporary relief, not long-term healing. Others are trying product after product, still searching for something that will prove successful. All of them wish that there were a simpler, easier way to enhance their health and live their lives to the fullest.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • Do you struggle with one or more persistent health issues, or surface symptoms caused by a deeper issue?
  • Do you depend on a prescription drug or chemical symptom-reliever to cope with your health issues?
  • Do you worry that something once temporary, maybe become a long-term or permanent factor?
  • Are you concerned about the effects of the medicines or products you’re taking/using to maintain your health?

You’re Not Alone.

I totally get this!

It’s hard to focus on the things that matter most when you’re battling persistent and unresponsive health issues. It’s difficult to be productive when you’re physically drained and worn out.

I’m 1 in a family of 9. I know all about the challenges that arise, and the importance of maintaining health and wellness. I understand how discouraging it can be when “nothing seems to work” and questions go unanswered. I know the overwhelming feeling of searching out the underlying root cause of a mysterious illness or symptom, yet finding no resolution.


That’s Why I Chose to Make My Home My Health Center…

Health is not simply a diet, a product line, or a list of to-do’s. Health is a lifestyle, made up of one hundred choices.

I decided to make my home my health center. It started with a few simple choices, and it continues to grow.

I’ve learned that a few dozen plants growing in my garden have the potential to effectively combat many of the health issues my family faces; that simple ingredients from our kitchen and medicine cupboard are incredibly beneficial, to aid in the healing process of a dozen persistent symptoms we’ve battled for years …

What if you could have the basic knowledge of what to do here and now … and the confidence to step out and do it?


I am a writer, speaker and creator of health-enhancing products. I educate and equip those who are challenged by persistent and unresponsive health issues so that they can discover lasting solutions – in a safe and positive way.

With a little knowledge and the right tools, you can go a long way … save a lot of money … and make a huge difference in the lives of the people you love and care about.

This blog is dedicated to showing you how.

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