Welcome to my blog…

Sometimes the smallest things are the most significant things…

They are the things that go unnoticed yet mean the world to someone. They are thrown aside as irritations, and often overlooked for the rare treasures that they are.

I’m talking about the tea my mom fixes when we get sick; the salve I rub on for coughing and congestion; the oil my sister uses for her headaches

I’m thinking of the things that arise in our family from day to day – the rash on little brother’s skin, a broken bone, a sprained ankle, a respiratory problem…

These are the issues that arise, that force us to ask, “What should be done, and what is the best solution to this problem? What is the better way?”

And I study and research…find ingredients…work on a recipe…make and re-make…test and retest…and finally there is a product worth using every time.

And this is when I want to share with the world what I learned. Because it brought me relief. It brought healing to a friend. It was a blessing to my family.

And now I want it to be a gift for everyone… 🙂

So I’m starting a blog…to share all the little things that we do from day-to-day, as we live life :-).


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