New Beginnings ~

It’s 2014… can you believe it?

IMG_3330For me, this is a bright new year with so many open doors and opportunities on the horizon. It’s time to pull out my journals from 2013 and discern whether or not I accomplished my goals and resolutions… and it’s time to make new goals for the coming year.

I’m especially excited about one of those goals, which I hope to share more about very soon! 2014 is the beginning of a new chapter in my life, that will definitely affect every part of me – my shop, my blog, my perspective, my outlook on life, my family and friends… and you! I’m thrilled, excited, and yet humbled… because only God knows what the future holds. And He has asked me to trust Him each step of the way. Right now. Today. Tomorrow. This year.

What are some of your goals? There are goals for today and tomorrow, month by month, end of the year… but in the end they should all point toward long-term goals of becoming the person God wants us to be – of developing the character, and living the lives that we are called to live.

Happy 2014 from my family to yours! πŸ™‚

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