I promised to share one of my big exciting goals for 2014! No, I’m not getting married (as one reader wondered)… but I’m definitely entering a new chapter of life – both an adventure, and in many ways a wonderful challenge!

It would be an understatement to say that I love helping other people find healing – the better way. It’s not enough that I like working with herbs and oils, or that I enjoy studying and understanding, and making new products. Because the why behind what is do, is my faith, family, friends… and all of you!


Do you ever start out on an adventure hoping to learn, and the more you learn, the more you realize the overwhelming measure of what you have yet to learn? That’s how I feel. There’s a drop in my bucket after how many years of studying, researching, and trying new things?

So in the Fall of 2013, I started weighing my options. I’m definitely called to stay at home. I believe that the Lord wants me here with my family – and what better place to learn? Home is my training ground, my mission field, and the place where I  face all these problems that need answers! It’s where I learn to make products that work – for the people I love that need healing…


I started looking online for herbal courses, but everything either seemed very basic, or very non-Christian.

I’ll be plain and honest. I’m not okay with reading my Bible in the morning, and then forgetting about God while I study “weird” stuff in herbal medicine. I’m not okay with thinking about God while I try to sort through the “weird” stuff and the right stuff either. I don’t believe it’s Scriptural. And I know it does not bring joy to my Heavenly Father.

Long story short, much prayer and careful research went into all of this. Throughout the process of several very busy months, there were times when I had to put my desires away for a season.


When we finally narrowed down our options to a few courses, I was faced with yet another choice (I’m so thankful for my parents’ wise counsel and guidance!) – do I want to consider a course that is “Christian” (not controversial to the Bible) but does not specifically indicate in any of its teachings that it is Christian (silent on the matter)?

I prayed about this, and again I found myself narrowing down the options. I knew then that HE (Jesus Christ) is the reason behind everything I am doing. And not only that, but HE is the answer to all my problems; the solution to every puzzle I face. Without HIM, I have no strength, no ability to succeed, no way to be effective, no last answers to the needs I see around me that I want to meet.

I want HIM to be center of my studies. I want to search HIS Word for answers. I want to understand, not just how the things He has created work  – to heal the body, but also how our attitudes, our responses in life, the fears we have, the lies we believe about ourselves, and the things we do… are all major factors that effect our health as well. And so I need HIM to be my ultimate teacher and healer on this journey.

It was hard to be patient. But on so many instances I remember writing in my journal that “He is faithful! He is good, and He does ALL things well.” He builds patience and character in us daily. And essentially, His timing is perfect!

He did provide. Through several phone conversations and visits with friends – who could provide details about one specific course I was leaning toward – He made known His will to us (my parents and I together). I’m so grateful to share with you that this coming week marks the beginning of 2-3 years of intensive study! I will be working towards becoming a Certified Clinical Herbalist, Certified Natural Women’s Health Educator, and Certified Natural Family Health Educator.

I’m so excited to be able to share with you all along this journey, as I add another drop, and another drop into my bucket of learning. I’ll be …busy…for sure. But with great excitement I’m anticipating all that He will do in the days and months and years ahead.


11 thoughts on “Announcing…

  1. Sarah, it is so exciting that you found a good course to take. Mom, my younger siblings, and I studied Herbs and natural remedies two years ago and also found that there are some pretty strange things mixed in.
    It is amazing to see how the Lord has led you to the right course.


  2. I am so excited. This seems to be a great fit for you. Today, more than ever we are searching for ways to be better stewards of ourselves and family. This area of expertise is truly a need in our culture today.


  3. Hi Sarah! We’ve never met before and I just fell upon your blog. 🙂
    It was exciting to read this post! I have been very interested in Herbal studies and healing but have faced the same problems you have! I praise the Lord that He has made a way for you to follow this desire of yours! I am curious to know what/where it is you are going to be studying from. If you don’t mind sharing the info I would love to know! 🙂
    It is always so neat to “stumble” across a fellow sibling in Christ and to see what the Lord is doing in their life! Blessings to you as you begin your studies!


  4. This is very exciting!! I’ll be picking your brain for sure on oils! I’ve been interested in learning more about them. Praying as you start this exciting journey!


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