Why I Chose Comfrey

Is it just me, or do paper cuts sometimes hurt more than holes?

This morning I cut my finger on a cardboard box. The cut was underneath my fingernail, and started bleeding right away. I rinsed it with water for a few minutes, and applied some pressure. The bleeding stopped but it was still very painful.

comfreyThis is when I started reviewing all the “remedies” in my collection. Which one should I use right now? I immediately thought of Comfrey, because it’s one of my favorites. The lavender oil was upstairs, and I was deep in the process of making breakfast, and making 2 desserts for my mom to take to an appointment a few hours later. So… rather than going after the lavender I grabbed the Comfrey oil and poured some into a little dish.

It worked, and the pain was gone immediately. I soaked it for the next 5 or 10 minutes, and continue making desserts with my other hand πŸ™‚ .

I love Comfrey because it’s “the bone knitter” herb, and quickly heals cuts and injuries. It is anti-inflammatory, so it prevents and/or reduces inflammation. It soothes pain (immediately from my experience!) which is always great! And overall, it’s one of the top medicinal herbs used for healing and injuries.

You can easily make your own Comfrey Oil by infusing dried Comfrey Leaf (or root) in a base/carrier oil. I often mix Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil with Organic Olive Oil, or add other oils such as Jajoba, Grapeseed and Sweet Almond.


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