Product Review | Goat Milk Soap…

In one of my recent posts I announced that Garland Goat Soap of Vermont is now selling some of my products. But imageorgtoday I want to comment on some of their products, that I recently received in the mail.

I’ve never been very happy with bar soaps… I’ve tried quite a few different kinds, but in the end they’ve all made my skin dry, didn’t lather very well, didn’t smell good, or turned into a big soggy mess … :-).

I read a lot of great reviews on the Moore’s website about the quality and effectiveness of their Goat Milk soaps, and  decided to try some. They have so many great patterns to choose from… I chose this one, in Lemongrass fragrance (all of the Moore’s soaps are scented with pure Essential Oils!). I bought a few others for my family to try as well.

imageorgI just wanted to say that I LOVE this stuff! I’ve used it for 3 days so far, and my skin feels so soft! I can feel how it cleanses and rejuvenates my skin after I wash my face with it. The soap lathers very well, and dries nicely in the shower without getting soggy… I have also used some of their Calendula Aloe Face and Body Cream, and really like it as well. The texture is very nice – soft and creamy, not too thick. Their Peppermint Lip Balm is also amazing…it’s my favorite lip balm that I’ve ever tried! It’s nice and firm, and doesn’t melt or feel really greasy. But it’s moisturizing and fragrant, and has a spicy feeling from the peppermint.

I highly recommend all of the products from Garland Goat Soap! They are beautiful, smell wonderful, and have SO many great health benefits! The Moores do such a great job with everything they make! Be sure to visit their website for more information on  how they make their Goat Milk Soaps, and to read some of the great reviews that others have shared :-).

Photos by Garland Goat Soap


2 thoughts on “Product Review | Goat Milk Soap…

  1. I LOVE goat soap! We made our own for a while, and now we buy from our neighbor. Most people don’t realize that they’re being gypped when they buy store bar soap. The natural glycerin in that soap has been steam extracted, and is used in making lotions (nice, huh? The soap strips your skin, so now we need to buy lotion…). Goat soap is GREAT. Goat milk is very good for skin conditions, from birthmarks, to zits. I especially like Tea Tree goat soap for my acne.


    • Thank you for sharing Elizabeth! It’s always fun to hear other people’s thoughts… and you’re so right about the chemicals and processes used in most of the products found today at stores. I’ll have to try Tea Tree soap sometime. I have to be really careful with what I put on my face as well… it seems that most soaps either result in oily or dry skin…


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