The Power of a Smile :-)

This is a story about a little boy named Joseph {not his real name}, who lives in Africa. Joseph didn’t grow up in a comfortable home with a loving family. He was rescued by missionaries from a painful, difficult life.

Simon | Nigeria

Joseph doesn’t have all the toys that children in countries like America have. But he has Jesus in his heart, and a smile on his face. I heard his voice one day, thousands of miles away, by phone. I received a card with 100 names written inside – including his. And I prayed for this little boy, and sent gifts to him – through the missionary from our church.

I have lots of pictures of children like Joseph. I like to look at the giant handmade African card they sent me… but I think this picture of Joseph is my favorite. Because it reminds me everyday of how very much I have to be thankful for. It doesn’t take perfect circumstances to create peace or happiness, or purpose. All it takes is the realization of just how much Jesus loves me, and a gratitude for how abundant His blessings are – to me!

Do you know what happens when you smile?

– Your heart rate slows down, and your body relaxes {smiling can actually prevent heart disease}

– Your body releases endorphins (hormones that kill pain), which makes you feel happier, less stressed, and in a better mood

– You pay more attention to what is going on around you {stress narrows the attention span to what is bothering or overwhelming, but smiling counteracts this and brings relaxation}

– People smile back πŸ™‚

– You look younger {hard facial features make a person look older, but smiling causes the face to relax}

– You build a strong, healthy immune system!

– You accomplish more! {Find something to smile about, and you will start to feel grateful… and then cheerful… and then happy… and then motivated to work harder!}

– You tell others what you think of them, and what you believe about yourself

– You are more beautiful/attractive! {I love being around people who are bright, joyful, and happy… don’t you!?}

– You live longer {Well… only God knows how long each of us will live right? But He also knows how much we’ll smile – and studies show that those who smile a lot can live 7 years longer than those who live grumpy hardened lives…}

smile-quotes-37 What’s not to love about smiling! We should all live happy-smile-life-styles! Seriously, I feel so good when I laugh… and I find that when I smile at “all the wrong times” I almost always end up feeling more joyful afterwards. Because the choice to smile is the choice to rejoice no matter what I’m feeling. It encourages gratitude, contentment, love, and peace in my life. It starts me building a big list of all the blessings and gifts that I do have in life, despite whatever difficulties I may be facing. And in the end it makes me a more positive, joyful person to be around. It doesn’t just affect me – it affects my family, my friends, my health, and the life I live {today and tomorrow and each day}.

So smile! Because it’s one beautiful gift that you can give to yourself, and to everyone around you today! It will cost you nothing, and yet give you so much!


4 thoughts on “The Power of a Smile :-)

  1. This is so true. It is amazing how just a smile will brighten someones sad countenance very quickly and some times even their day! “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…” Proverbs 17:22
    Thank you for the post:)

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  2. That is quite a powerful post! Thank you so much for sharing. A smile can go a long way, and it should come from the heart! Jesus makes all the difference! πŸ™‚

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