Farm Fresh

Today I’m traveling with 2 family members and a friend, to attend a Farming Conference! I’m so excited about all the new things I’ll learn this week! And hopefully… I’ll be sharing a few thoughts from the conference when I return!

IMG_9193Someone asked me recently what I hope to gain from this conference, and why I’m attending in the first place. The truth is, natural herbal health, and farming go hand in hand! It’s getting more and more difficult to buy pure, wholesome, real food in the stores! It’s difficult to find meat labeled “no hormones, no antibiotics” without paying a fortune… for a family of 9! And what about the preparation process behind a carton of milk or a box of butter? Have you thought about what all that “white powder” is that coats the pre-shredded cheese in the grocery store? And nothing compares to farm fresh eggs, or home-grown vegetables!


I’m a farm girl at heart, even though it’s taking a while to get things established! We have beehives that don’t produce honey {yet} , and massive mulch gardens covering large portions of the front and back yard, that will hopefully yield fresh fruits and vegetables in the coming years. But truly, there is something so fulfilling and beautiful about planting  fragile, tiny seeds… and then watching in faith, as the Lord brings forth a harvest! There is joy I know, in caring for animals that will provide meat and other food products. And I love how farming brings a family together in faith, in fellowship, and in team-work!

EggsSo as I head off to the conference this week, I’m excited about hearing from the perspective of many different farmers! I’m thrilled at the idea of  meeting other farmers, and those who are in the beginning stages, like myself. I’m greatly anticipating the knowledge that I will gain – that will equip me to make better choices for my family and those that I love! I may not get to put it all into practice right now, but I would love to grow in my knowledge of what is requires to do things the better way… and to have a better understanding of what is involved in building and running a healthy family farm!

I am both humbled, and filled with gratitude at the realization that we are stewards of this land, that God has given to us. It is not by our own strength that we succeed in producing life, or bringing forth a bountiful harvest. It is the gift of God, which results from patient tending and cultivating, of the resources entrusted to us – by Him.


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