There are no little choices

Like every little kid growing up, I had big dreams and somehow those dreams always centered around helping someone find healing…

scan0086When I was 9, I made up my mind that I was going to be a missionary to India, because there were orphaned children with no one to love them… And when I didn’t have my nose stuck in a missionary book filled with stories about those precious little children, I was “doctor Sarah”, fixing up brother’s latest boo-boo with a band-aid and a kiss… and always, always, more than any other thing, we lived for the next get-together with our best friends… because that was when we would pull out our colonial clothes, and play “Sarah Moore” (a girl and her family, from our favorite historical fiction book series). Our backyard and tree-fort became a battlefield… we were the heroic revolutionary war nurses, caring for wounded soldiers on the “battlefield” (our brothers), baking mud pies, and “keeping house” in our tidy tree fort. Those were the days when we had not a care in the world. We ran and played and laughed… and roamed the woods acting out our favorite historical characters.

In a way, not much has changed. I’m still passionate about helping others heal. I want to wipe away tears on little faces, and soothe someone’s pain. My life is so much more than learning about herbs and mixing up new concoctions for my online shop. It’s listening to people’s stories, and watching health issues unfold, and feeling pain, and searching for lasting answers to share… I love people. I love being a tiny part of God’s healing touch in this world.

Why am I writing all of this?

A few weeks ago I was handed an opportunity… a big opportunity. How often do you bump into something without even trying to – something that offers potential growth, success, and prosperity for your business? I was asked to put together some packages of products for a company, which I would then ship out for them as the orders were placed. I didn’t really ask for this opportunity… it was given to me.

I jumped on it and started working diligently to get everything together as it needed to be. I talked with the owner of the company, and began preparing descriptions and photographs and products to put online… and then the WV Farm Conference happened.

I went away for 3 days, and was inspired. I was reminded of my passion, my mission, and my vision. Why do I do what I do? What is it that I am trying to accomplish through my studies, my life here at home, my products, my research? Who am I trying to reach, and how?

And I came home wrestling with an unfinished document that I needed to submit to this company owner. There was money in it, and people looking for answers. It was a good thing. But I did not have peace about this specific situation. I knew in my heart that I was unsure about it all. Going forward would hold me back from following my true vision… it would change the girl that I am, and the life that I live…even the way that I interact with others. I knew that it would push me into a place, and a position, where my heart really was not.

scan0074I love working in my garden. I love reading books to Tiny Tim. I love baking something new for my family, or a friend. And it’s hard being an herbalist, office manager, beekeeper, baker, gardener, school teacher… and so much more. But  as I thought out my day and my schedule, and who I am and where I’m headed… I started to pray.

I spent my devotional hour one morning simply praying about this opportunity. The Lord showed me verses from Genesis (right where I was already reading!) that really brought clear direction for me. I was able to go away from that time and share my heart with my parents, and ask their counsel.

And that was the day I laid down my project, and wrote the owner of the company, and gave up the opportunity. Not because it wasn’t a good opportunity. Not because it wasn’t profitable, or helpful to people, or educational… but because it did not fit in line with my mission and my vision. It did not align with my heart’s desire, and my long-term goals. It was not something that I had peace about. And I knew that there were other things that I needed to focus on putting all my heart into at this time. I had prayed faithfully throughout all of those weeks, “Lord show me if this is something that will not be wise or good…don’t give me peace if this is not of you…” Yes, God has a will… and He showed me the path to walk in.

Always in life you have to stop and ask yourself, “Am I doing this for the right reason? Am I reaching my people? Is this in line with my mission and vision? Is this the direction that God wants me to go…?

IMG_6353I had to ask myself “How much am I willing to sacrifice, for the sake of growing this business and making more money?” And I thought of all the times that I stop my work, to wipe tears from a little brother’s face, or bandage up a knee with a band-aid and a kiss…my time is precious and short. What I choose to do today will have a lasting effect on how I live tomorrow. And me… I don’t want to lose sight of the people in my life that I love. I don’t want to become someone who no longer has time to listen to stories, share in the pain, and find lasting answers… I want to love what I do, and know my people, and be a friend that listens and loves and cares… not just someone who makes products…

There are no little choices in life. So choose wisely…

“Good is the enemy of great…” – J.Collins


4 thoughts on “There are no little choices

    • Thank you Nathaniel, (and everyone else) for your encouraging words! I’m excited to see where the Lord will continue to lead. And Nathaniel, it’s been encouraging to watch your family business, and learn for my own business. I’m grateful for all the areas you’ve been an example, or shared practical ways for me to improve – based on what you’ve already learned.


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