Building Walls…and Sore Muscles

Saturday was a beautiful Spring day – the perfect kind of day to complete a long-anticipated family yard project that we started last week. And what better way to spend the day, than hacking tree roots, leveling the ground, and gluing bricks together?


It was so much fun! I mean… I don’t get to do things like this everyday 😀

But later on the evening when I was all tucked into bed, the thought occurred to me that if I was really sore now, I was going to be REALLY sore tomorrow… and the next day

I was soooo tired that I thought, “The last thing I want to do is sit up and climb down that ladder, and rub salve all over my back. I don’t want to move . I just want to go to sleep.” But I got up and found the Sore Muscle Salve

And I’m so happy I did! Because I had forgotten that it actually works 😉 … besides, I love the smell, and it feels really good to fall asleep with that stuff melting in.

When I woke up in the morning, I could feel a little bit of soreness in my arms, and part of my back where I hadn’t felt sore before. Everything else was pretty much normal.



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