What Goes On, Goes In

Guess what came in the mail today? I ❤ mail 😀 … especially when it’s something I’m going to use everyday! Did you know that your skin is your body’s largest organ? And guess what! Whatever you put on today, or rub in tomorrow is going to disappear… and where will it go? What you put on, gets absorbed in. And what gets absorbed in, affects all the different parts of your body, that you can’t see.

Replacing Chemicals with Nutrients

It’s not enough to stop using chemicals. Our bodies need a healthy replacement. We need good vitamins and minerals that are essential to our health – and are sometimes difficult to get sufficient intake of through out diet. We need good oils to moisturize our skin, cleanse away toxins, and provide good nutrients. We need powerful herbs that heal, cleanse, restore, and help bring balance to our bodies. {I’ve been doing a lot of research on this in my herbal course.}

Synthetic Fragrances

This brings me to the issue of synthetic fragrances. Have you thought about the smell of your favorite soaps, and skin products? I mean seriously… that’s probably the main reason (or one of the top reasons) you chose that product; and yet probably among the least of your concerns while reviewing the ingredients label. But consider this:

There are at least 4000 chemical fragrances being used by the fragrance industry today. 1 of those fragrances could contain anywhere from 200-600 individual chemical ingredients in it. And synthetic fragrances are said to be a leading cause of allergies and skin-related issues… not to mention countless internal health issues resulting from bodily imbalance, that then cause a variety of other “symptoms” we cannot clearly trace back to a cause! So… back to what showed up in our mailbox today 😀

Vitamin-rich, synthetic-fragrance-free, all-natural goat milk soap!

{I couldn’t help taking pictures…} 😀

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– They are fragranced with pure essential oils – no chemicals that will harm my skin – and they smell wonderful!

– They are rich in vitamins and minerals, that my body needs  – which I can’t always get enough of  through dietary intake.

– They contain natural acids that protect skin, while gently cleansing away bacteria – and provide so many other healthy skin benefits!

– They are made with all-natural, pure ingredients – like Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, and Vitamin E oil.

– They do not contain any chemicals, chemical preservatives, harsh ingredients, or dyes.

Check out this post written by the company!

Garland Goat Soap of Vermont has amazing soap – and other products! I took advantage of their special Spring sale, to stock up! You can still get 15% off your entire order, through March 31st. {only 3 more days!}


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