I Think He Cut His Head…

Today is a beautiful Spring day… warm, sunny, and breezy. But not all of us are outside enjoying the fresh air … one little brother thought it would be more fun to play with Sarah’s giant teddy bear from the top of the bunk bed…

Here’s an interesting, and rather embarrassing story for those who don’t know where my teddy bear came from 😉 IMG_0508Before I learned to walk, my mom saw an ad in the newspaper for a “baby-in-a-diaper crawling marathon” … and she actually took me! Guess what! I’m the only baby that showed up, and so I won the giant teddy bear. My mom was reading us these great big character books at the time {even though we were tiny} and we were learning about the quality of Loyalty, and how bears demonstrate it 😀

And that’s why my bear has always been named Loyalty. Strange? I don’t even think twice about it now 🙂 … it’s 20 years old just like me, and it’s practically as big as me too. I like having a teddy bear at the end of my bed. Besides…it’s rather lonely up top 😀

Okay, so back to today.

Someone in particular was having great fun with Loyalty, swinging him up, and around, and upside down… and that’s when Loyalty hit the ceiling fan. What happened next no one really remembers very clearly. I think the bear hit the fan chain…the chain hit the globe…the globe broke in two…one half fell from the ceiling… and on the way it hit Tiny Tim’s head.

We were all so busy talking about where not to step and how to check for missing pieces and who should go after the vacuum, that no one noticed the bright red pool of blood in Tiny Tim’s hair. But then Josiah saw it as he was heading after the vacuum.

And that’s why I’m writing this post 😀 {with Tiny Tim’s permission of course. Warning… the pictures below contain blood! So  read on at your own risk. I’m posting pictures because it can happen to anybody, anywhere, at anytime 😀

Here’s a video of what happened, in Tiny Tim’s own words…It was nothing very big…but there’s always that first reaction when you have no idea how bad something is and you need to check it out.


Tiny Tim get scared easily. He was like “Oh no! Is there blood? Is there glass in my hair? Do I need to get stitches!!!” And I was like “Calm down, it’s going to be just fine. Let me look and see…” And thankfully, while it was pretty persistently bleeding, I did not see any glass.


We checked very careful several times for glass… then cleansed it with water and hydrogen peroxide (are we the only ones that call it “Mr. Bubbles”?)… and then I used some comfrey oil and healing salve.

Here’s a video of applying the oil and salve.

It’s been a few minutes here and when I checked it again I had to actually look for the cut. No bleeding, no pain… gotta love those wonderful herbs! But praise the Lord that it was nothing serious, and that He is one Who provides the healing!

3 thoughts on “I Think He Cut His Head…

  1. Thanks for sharing! So thankful for good herbs and quick healing! I love comfrey because if by any chance there were any glass in his head, the comfrey could draw it out. Love that stuff!
    My son, being the creative soul that he is, tied a piece of metal to the end of his bathrobe. He was swinging it around in his room before bed and hit the ceiling fan. There was glass shards everywhere! No one was injured, but it made a huge crashing effect for sure. Glad everyone in your household is okay and that “Tiny Tim” is on the mend!


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