My Medicinal Herb Garden ~

Spring is one of my favorite season, because I love to watch everything wake up and come alive again after a long brown, barren winter. With the warm weather comes an eagerness to get outside and do some Spring planting! And then the days of patiently tending, watering, weeding… waiting for the tiniest hint of life… a miniature green shoot to poke up from the soil.

I planted several herbs this year from seed, and I’m so excited to see many of them coming up, and others already strong healthy plants! This is my first year of successfully planting herbs… and a friend of ours added to the excitement by digging up an abundance of strong healthy herb plants from her garden – and giving them to me!

So here’s a little “tour of my garden” and what I will be using the different herbs for 🙂 …


IMG_0669 IMG_0677



IMG_0678 IMG_0693

Lavender is an excellent “first-aid” herb! I wrote a post on some of the many uses for Lavender Essential Oil here.



I’ve used Marshmallow root in a tea mixture I made, for dental cavities.



Arnica is one of the major herbs in my Sore Muscle Salve – and a favorite for any type of injury involving inflammation, spasms, or deep pain {sore muscles, broken bones, aching, bruising, etc.}.


I put Chamomile in my Healing Salve, and Baby Salve… because it is very calming, soothing, and gentle – especially for those with sensitive skin or severe skin conditions {Eczema, rashes, dry or itchy skin, and other irritations}.


Chives do have medicinal qualities in them… but as of right now this beautiful {little} “bush” really just adds flavor to some of the omelets we cook on Wednesday and Saturday mornings {one brother in particular enjoys them more than all of the rest of us put together} …  😀

IMG_0697 IMG_0698

I have used horsetail in an herbal tea that I made for a hair rinse… and noticed some wonderful changes! I also used it in the bone tea I made when I broke my toe. Mullein is a key ingredient in our family’s used-to-be-favorite immune tea … I say used-to-be, because then we discovered Immune Boosting Tea 😀

IMG_0703 IMG_0708

Some friends in WV,  served us peppermint iced tea – from their lovely HUGE mint bushes… and we decided that we needed to grow our own mint 🙂

But as far as medicinal uses, I like peppermint because it is a natural pain-reliever, and also an excellent remedy for high fevers.



Rosemary essential oil is one of my favorite natural preservatives… although the Rosemary I grow usually goes into one of our family’s favorite pasta sauces 🙂


Echinacea is a key ingredient in my Bug Bite Salve and Healing Salve. We also use it all the time when we’re sick,  for its wonderful immune-boosting properties!



Mmmm. Looks like we will be making salsa, and guacamole, and lots of other great Mexican dishes!

IMG_0724 IMG_0729

I use Calendula and Comfrey in my Healing Salve, Sore Muscle Salve, Bug Bite Salve, and Baby Salve – both herbs are great for any skin condition! Calendula is excellent for any type of sensitive, irritated, or damaged skin – not to mention the immune-boosting properties provided through a cup of tea from the flowers! Comfrey is the “bone-knitter” herb and my favorite for any type of break, fracture, or injury – whether external (broken skin) or internal (broken bone)…

And here’s my {rather poor} attempt at explaining what they all do… just before a huge storm came through. 😀


4 thoughts on “My Medicinal Herb Garden ~

  1. Sarah -Wow, have you been busy. You probably already know, but just in case….Plants in the mint family can quickly take over -even if you plant it in the pot -in the ground (my experience ). Much success!


    • Hello Mrs. Hancock!
      Yes quite a few of the plants I have are prone to spreading… and I have seen mint “take over” in many gardens :-)… I’ll have to keep a close eye on it 😉


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