A Hit to the Head… and the Hospital

I was afraid… more afraid than I had been in a very long time. That dreaded uncertainty turned into the terrifying realization that something was very wrong!  An overwhelming fear, rose up inside of me, that made me feel sick and helpless… and my efforts to stay calm and relaxed quickly vanished…


As much as I love making my herbal products, life is not always as simple as rubbing on some salve or a few drops of oil… in fact, while the day-to-day “normal injuries” are usually small and easily cured, there are those rare extremities that we often take for granted – and they comes when we least expect them.

They are the opportunities that force us to our knees, because we realize that they are too big for us to handle. But praise the Lord that there is nothing so big or so difficult, that He is not bigger still.

Here is a video report from yesterday morning.

I will be posting some of the essential oils and herbs we are using for his recovery, shortly!


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