Today I Harvested…

There it was… a beautiful sight after being out of town for several days. I couldn’t believe it! My little green leafy plant IMG_7878was now loaded with buds, and there were orange and yellow flowers beginning to open! Never before I have successfully gone beyond the initial sowing of various herb seeds. And now I was going to have my very own Calendula flowers! Fresh, home-grown, hand-picked, slowly dried… and made into salve! No chemicals. No pesticides. No need to worry about where it came from or how it was prepared.

Last year when I started actually selling my products, I found out that it takes a lot of herbs to run a business! But I’m also learning that you have to start somewhere. And if I could establish a few healthy strong plants in my own garden, they would spread, grow, multiply… and maybe one day I could use all my own herbs! That’s a big dream… a big goal… and it’s happening, little by little 🙂

Today I harvested my first Calendula flowers… 2 whole flowers 🙂

IMG_7897I know right? Not very impressive. But I’ve never been so excited about flower-picking! I mean, seriously… for a first-time herb-growing-success, with the crazy weather we’ve had + travel + the fact that I’m growing most of my herbs in pots still… {which reminds me that my plants have outgrown their pots, and this country-muffin girl needs to go do some transplanting, and then more planting!}.

I’ve heard that picking the flowers, results in a lot more flowers. So instead of saving them because they are so beautiful, and watching them grow, I made myself snip them off the stem and put them out to dry. And there are so many other little flowers on there that will be coming off soon. And when I have a bag of them I’ll infuse them in oil and make up some salve for the shop.

I’m so excited to share with you all why I love Calendula flowers soooo much! I’ll be writing more about them later on :-).


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