Making Salve

It’s that kind of day… a perfect day to finish up some Sore Muscle Salve and Baby Salve I started last week!


I love every step in the salve-making process – from measuring the herbs and infusing them in oil… adding in wax and other ingredients… pouring them into containers and letting them harden… printing and putting on the labels… plastic-shrink-wrapping them… adding in a hand-written note and  sample product… and sending it off through the mail!


There are days when I fill wholesale orders – orders that take several days to prepare and require custom labels… but on days like today maybe I just have a box of cookies to ship out for Mother’s Day.


I love people. I love hearing their stories and knowing what they’re going through… and sometimes even sharing in a little of what their pain feels like. And I love that I can learn, and study, and problem-solve… and find answers. I love that I can be a small part of helping someone else find healing, or relief from their pain…


Making salve is so much more to me than mixing up yet another batch of herbs for future customers. It is one small way that I can serve, and  invest a little love into, the people that I care about. It is something I can do that I know will make a difference in real people’s lives.


And another thing that makes me grateful for days like today… that would be my family! Especially this precious “little” brother of mine, who is always somewhere close by when I need a helping hand.

So for all you people who purchase my salves, Tiny Tim helped with the plastic-shrink-wrap bands :-).



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