Loving Summer… and Bug Bite Salve

There are so many things that I love about Spring…


The smell of the flowers blooming in our yard… honeysuckle growing in the middle of our azalea bush… the fresh cool breeze on a cooler morning {like today}… the happy sounds of “little” ones at play in the yard, or running through the woods…  long awaited family projectssigns of life everywhere I look – whether hundreds of strawberries growing all around our orchard, small vegetable plants taking off in the garden, or flowers from my first herb harvest – drying on the counter top.


Spring is one of my favorite seasons. It is when everything seems to “wake up” after a long Winter nap. And for all of you northern people, I admit that I have no idea what I’m talking about, because IF we get a first snow, there’s really more mud than anything else… and I honestly can’t remember what anything below about 15 degrees  feels like… 😉

Anyway, back to today! It’s 90 degrees, and I’m pretty sure it feels more like Summer than Spring. Either way, I’ve noticed a lot more bees and insects… they show up all the time when I’m at work in the garden. And since we have somewhere around 200,000 honeybees living in our orchard, it makes sense that there would be a lot of “flying things” enjoying this beautiful warm weather!IMG_8015

Today I’m working on Bug Bite Salve. We don’t get a lot of bites and stings, which is really quite a blessing! But there are those times when someone gets stung while going through the bee hives, or working in the garden. And even more often, when we’re on the road (with the van window open), or enjoying a family picnic at the park. So it never hurts to be prepared!


Tiny Tim is especially fond of this stuff. A not-so-friendly yellow jacket stung him on the face, while we were driving the Blue Ridge Parkway in the NC mountains last year. The Bug Bite Salve brought immediate pain relief and prevented any swelling (Stelzls never do well with stings to the face!) that would have occurred. Thankful for that little jar of salve… we really had no other option and no place to stop. And the rest of the trip was uneventful and quite enjoyable! 🙂

I hope you are enjoying this lovely Spring as much as we are! 🙂


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