They Just Keep Coming…

When I first brought my little Calendula plants home from the herb festival, I thought about the majority of our previous gardening efforts, and wondered if they would actually stay alive… 😉

IMG_0724 IMG_7878

And then one day I returned home from a family trip and there were 2 flowers ready to harvest!!! 2 whole flowers!!!

IMG_8126Over the next couple of days I waited patiently for another, and another to be ready for harvest. And while I waited, I wrote about why I love Calendula so much. Because I have exciting things to make out of them once they are dried 🙂

And the buds kept coming. There was always one more forming between the leaves… I would go outside and count them 🙂

I’ve been bringing them in every other day at least, one by one… sometimes two by two.

Yesterday we had a complete downpour of rain. all. day.

And when I went outside this morning there were 5. Five flowers ready to harvest.

They just keep coming! I know… it’s a flower plant! A flower plant. But I get so excited over anything that grows in the garden. To watch tiny seeds sprout and grow, and bring forth life. It’s a beautiful miracle – a gift from God. And I love every part of it! Besides, I think it’s pretty incredible that I’ll be able to put these lovely things in my products!



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