Can You Fix My Heart…?

Wouldn’t it be incredible if everything could be fixed with a little Healing Salve? What if a band-aid and a kiss would soothe any wound, relieve any pain, take away tears…?

Life is not always simple. In fact, it’s usually quite complicated. The problem is, we are so very good at making it complicated.

There was a time (not so very long ago) when life seemed hard. Not hard like leveling ground to build a stone wall. Not hard like climbing a mountain. I wish. Not physically hard. That would have been so much easier. Why does a heartache always hurt so much more than a sore back? Why do words and actions sometimes have the power to wound, in such a way that stings and cuts and aches aren’t even worth comparing?


Why do we live for the acceptance of others, when we were meant to live our lives for Christ?  Why do we let a letter or an email, a careless thoughtless word, an act that seems harsh and unloving, crush our day – when we know that God loves us unconditionally, and He has promised to lead us if we will follow? Why do we despair and feel discouraged and worry and wonder… when others don’t see things the way we do, when there are misunderstandings and miscommunications? And when things don’t go the way we want in life… when open doors become closed doors… when dreams and desires seem to vanish away in thin air… what then? Where do we turn? To what or whom will we look for healing?

The pain we feel is real. It happens every. single. day. In some form or another, every person will feel pain everyday.

It may be a word, a look, an unloving act, or failure to demonstrate love in some small way that means the world to another. Or it may be something much easier to solve – like a bump, a scrape, a bruised knee…

And guess what? That pain we feel is an invitation to run to Jesus, and let Him be our heart-healer. He has the power to heal, restore, and mend that which is broken. He makes beautiful things out of ashes. He builds up broken places. He binds up wounds.

But when we do not allow Him to be our all… when we choose instead to worry and pout and be anxious and afraid… it affects every part of our lives.

This choice was mine – not so long ago! And I struggled to rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him. I struggled to trust Him for His perfect will… because I felt torn away by the desires of others that I wanted to please (including my own desires and those of my family!), and I was afraid of rejection and misunderstanding…

And it affected me. I didn’t think about it right away, but now it all seems so clear. I was so tired, and weak. For an entire week I felt emotionally and physically exhausted, drained of everything. I would struggle through the morning and then try to stay awake in the afternoons. I felt bored and anxious and uncertain about the future.

7cec0889b9cd8e393ad91f638b160885And then one morning I began to pray. I asked the Lord to fill my heart with peace,  and He did! I resolved out loud to set aside everything I was feeling, and believe in His promises – even to live for Him, and not for myself or others. He began to teach me how to trust Him, how to take my eyes off of my desires, off of the desires of others around me – and to focus on Him. He does not ask us to understand. He asks us to trust and obey – there is no other way.


Trusting Him doesn’t mean that He will give me what I want. It means that I choose to delight in His will – even that His will might become my will.

Look around you at all the people in this world who suffer from pain today… tomorrow.

The decisions we make every. single. day. – they affect not only our emotional well-being, but also our physical state. They affect our day from the moment we wake up to the time we lay down at night (and even whether or not we enjoy a good night’s rest!). They determine how productive our day is, how we get along with others, even how we view ourselves and whether or not we feel valued and loved today.

be8a82486538f8b76bc9b6883e85560cA heartache doesn’t go away with a little salve…but it can be replaced with the perfect peace of God, to those who ask in faith and are willing to receive.

He asks us to rest in Him. To trust and obey. To take our eyes off of the world around us, off of the weight of pressing circumstances, off of unsolved questions, unfulfilled longings, shattered dreams. He asks us to fix our eyes on Him  – to believe that He is good, and that He does all things well.

And that means that no matter what you are facing today, you can have a wonderful day! It starts with letting Jesus be your heart healer.



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