Herbs in Bloom…

Loving a walk through my herb garden these days… everything is spreading out with new growth, so thick and green and lovely.


My happy chive bush (started from seed in a plant pot several years ago), which contributes to a tastier omelette 2 times weekly, for one brother in particular… 😉


Chamomile… a small cutting from a friend’s herb garden. This is my favorite calming/relaxing herb, and also a wonderful remedy for skin conditions {that includes babies and others with sensitive skin}.


Comfrey… the bush was loaded with flowers a few weeks ago, but while I was away the heat wilted some of the leaves and all of the flowers beyond repair. I had to trim much of it away and transplant it from pot to garden. The plant is quite large now, but you can’t tell from the picture… I’ll harvest  the leaves to make an oil for wounds and skin conditions.


Feverfew… this one is about a foot tall and 8 inches wide. I’ve never used it before, but have heard that it works wonders for migraines!

I haven’t harvested anything from any of these beautiful plants yet… but hopefully soon! 🙂


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