Memorial Day

We made it to TN! Rain storms, audio dramas, sub sandwiches, good books… to name a few highlights from our trip. 😉

Today I’m grateful for all those who have gone before us, and sacrificed so that we could have the freedom we enjoy today. I’m grateful for those who devoted their lives to fighting for freedom, and for those who willingly laid down their lives.

I’m also grateful for my dear family, and the wonderful adventures we share together in life … and here are a few of those things, from today!


Picnic lunches…


Swimming in the pool…


Hugs and smiles and laughter…

And there are other things too! Like eating chocolate chip cookies and milk  together {for the first time *ever*}… taking a walk in the rain… meeting new families who are here for the conference {which starts tomorrow!}… visiting with friends… having family devotions together… reading great books… and soaking up the warm sunshine on a hot Summer day.

I’m looking forward to this beautiful and exciting week ahead! More pictures coming soon 🙂


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