Nashville TN: A Week in Review

We’re back home from an AMAZING week at the homeschool conference in Nashville TN!! While most of my family members attended main and student sessions throughout the week, Bethany and I were leaders for a girls’ program. Together we led a team of sweet girls ages 6 – 12!



Our theme of the week, was love and forgiveness. We learned about compassion, hospitality, and ways to serve each other and show kindness. From Wednesday to Friday, we worked on memorizing 2 passages in 1 John and Ephesians, as well as 2 songs, to sing and quote for our parents on Friday evening {parent presentation time!}. There were hand motions to make it easier … and all the more fun!

_MG_8526 _MG_8545

The girls had activity books… so while “Miss Bethany” and I read them stories and shared thought-provoking lessons with them on the different qualities, they colored a picture or worked on a word puzzle that went along with the lesson. We brought candy to reward them with, when they were attentive listeners and could participate by giving answers to our questions at the end of each lesson.

_MG_8542 _MG_8556

During the afternoons we had a team challenge time with fun recreational activities. This included running, relay-races, and water balloon fights 😉

Let’s just say that quite a few of the girls targeted their team leaders on the last one. And so a few of us came inside feeling a little wet ;-).


I DID have the opportunity to use my Bug Bite Salve on a few {including one who was at first a little suspicious about it actually working… and then later shared that it worked incredibly well with only 1 application needed!}. I met some people who actually came up to me and said “Oh… you’re The Country Muffin” and then proceeded to comment on my blog. I had opportunities to discuss essential oils and salves with some different people {one who shared a testimonial with me of how the Healing Salve helped her chemical burn}. And I was able to encourage another one of the team leaders on what to do if her student had a seizure {this girl was prone to them, had eaten some things she should not have eaten, and was showing signs of possibly having a seizure}.

The week went by so quickly, and I’m missing my team of dear sweet girls soooo much! Each of their lovely smiles, their fun, energetic little selves, their enthusiasm during large groups sessions, and all week long.

I’m so proud of them for being the ones who yelled loud enough to vote their team leader in as “the leader” of one game time outside… for their little handwritten notes and gifts that they presented us with on the last day… for the heart to heart talks we had… for their giggles and hugs and listening ears… and for their love for Jesus and each other. ❤

I can’t wait until next year 🙂

I posted more pictures here.


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