The Question Is…

In my most recent blog post, I shared some practical tips on how to take ideas and goals, and make them into something that can changes people’s lives. I wrote about a few of the things that I’ve learned in the past 2 years, that were helpful to me in starting and growing The Country Muffin.

workshopgraphicToday I’m excited to announce a mini blog series of questions and answers, relating to natural remedies, healthy living, and herbal health-care products! The young lady who contacted me for suggestions, is only one of MANY {including myself!} who want to better understand the overwhelming health issues that bombard our lives and the lives of those we love – and learn how to find long-lasting answers that truly bring healing, and hopefully address the root problem! Ahhh… life is one incredible journey of learning, growing, and being stretched to levels we never imagined possible! 😉

So, as a young and rather inexperienced student in the herbal field myself, I thought it would be fun to do some study together! I’ll be addressing {to the best of my abilities!} a series of questions sent to my by this dear girl who is setting out on an incredible journey this year! I’m so excited to see what she’ll learn, discover, and create! I want to encourage all of you readers to submit any questions, or comments you may have – on any topic relating to this blog! I’d love to hear from others who have thoughts, suggestions, or even experience that we can all learn from 🙂 .. let’s do this together! 🙂

So the first question is…

“Do you use/know of a particular source that is very informative about all the essential oils and their benefits?”



Currently, this is my favorite source of information for essential oils. I use Nan’s website/blog by topic, as well as by oil. It is the first site I usually come across when I’m looking for detailed information on a specific essential oil, or using essential oils to treat a specific issue. Consider this page on using essential oils to treat burns… or this post I found while researching Helichrysum essential oil. I’ve also personally contacted Nan with a few questions of my own about the constituent percentages in essential oils, and she has been very helpful and informative! She certainly knows her stuff!


This site is my second go-to if I’m needing good information on how to treat a specific health issue with essential oils. It’s a DoTERRA site, about how to use essential oils. So that means you’ll find a lot of blends listed as well that DoTERRA makes and sells. But I don’t use DoTERRA oils and I’m still a fan of this site. One of the things I especially enjoy is the color-coding of the essential oils listed under a health concern, that helps me know which oils are the most important, which would be more secondary, and others that I might consider as an alternative if necessary.

Wellness Mama.Com

Wellness Mama has a lot of great information on her blog. One of the reasons I love blogs like Katie’s {especially over a lot of the professional medical sites or general sites offering more natural advice}, is because she connects with people like you and me on a personal day-to-day level. She’s a mom with a family, wanting the best for the people she loves. She’s learning, adventuring outside her comfort zone, trying new things, and sharing her failures and successes with others who can learn and benefit from her. I’ve tried several of her recipes, taken ideas from her articles, and learned quite a bit of valuable information through her blog, while researching specific issues.


I like Annie’s site because it offers a wealth of information pertaining to both herbs and essential oils! It’s detailed, thorough, and easy to understand. It doesn’t just tell me what to use, it often tells me how, when, and why.

Be Your Own Doctor

If you’re looking for a great book {because I am a book-loving-girl and a good long book does me good when I can find the time!}, I’d highly recommend Be Your Own Doctor, by Rachel Weaver. It doesn’t deal specifically with essential oils, but it’s a great book for natural remedies, and overall, how to treat different issues that arise in the home from day to day – the better way.

Of course there are others! Google “Essential oils for burns” or “Herbs that soothe pain” and you’ll find pages of websites and blogs all offering valuable information. But these are a few of my favorites – resources that I find myself heading back to again and again, and again… whenever I need answers and want trustworthy sources. What are some of your favorite sources for information?


Don’t forget to share any questions {to be included in this series} or comments {to encourage others with what you know}! It doesn’t matter how far you’ve come, or what you know or don’t know. There’s always something to share, and something to learn! 🙂

Question #2

Question #3

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