A Little Something Sweet

Wednesday is “natural” dessert day, which means something yummy made without white sugar. We hosted a surprise birthday party for my mom last week which resulted in a lot of leftover food… and that includes cups of shredded carrots. It’s been *forever* since we’ve had carrot cake. The truth is, I don’t think I’ve *ever* made a carrot cake in my life.  :-0

Is that a problem or what?!

So why not!? Today seemed like the perfect day to fix that problem. 😉


I have to be careful when experimenting in the kitchen. I love the challenge of coming up with healthier desserts, especially for people I know who have dietary restrictions … but since most of my family members like their white sugar and white flour, it’s hard to please their taste buds on Wednesdays 😉 … and so the exciting challenge lies in creating healthier desserts, that taste completely unhealthy. 🙂


Today I went gluten free and white-sugar free. I was thinking of a friend who tries to avoid Gluten for health reasons, and simultaneously hoping to come up with some more gluten free recipes for my shop.

So… I used my gluten free flour blend, and came up with this amazing recipe!

Gluten Free Carrot Cake with Honey Cream Cheese Frosting.



There’s a small minor adjustment I want to make to the frosting… but other than that I couldn’t be happier! Yum! This is good stuff… 🙂 I’ll be posting the recipe in my shop soon!


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