Every day brings something new and wonderful – whether a blessing, a challenge, an opportunity to grow or develop new skills or learn something new…

2014-06-13 20.19.24

Last week we visited with the Staddon family in WV, which I briefly mentioned in my previous post. One of my highlights of the trip was winding down from a long day of travel {yes I know, I’m looking a bit “out of it”}, with a bon-fire, smore’s … and wonderful mud! I got quite comfortable sloshing around in the gooey stuff with my dear friend Sarah {who I actually met in person for the first time just last year!}. It was great fun, and quite the memorable experience. 😉


Today I took a walk out to the garden to check on the plants and harvest a few zucchini and cucumbers. Wow! I don’t know how long it’s been since I was out there… with all our family’s travels and the busyness of life… everything was miniature, or newly planted when I last took pictures! What a blessing to have so much fresh produce coming from the garden. Nothing quite compares to the taste of those cucumbers I put in our salad yesterday. Oh the joys of working the land and seeing the Lord bring forth an abundant harvest!


Mmmm…and we’ve been enjoying those big delicious blackberries too! This picture is of a bush that has smaller berries {we think they accidentally gave us the wrong variety from what we ordered}, but there’s another variety that has very large berries that taste amazing!


There are more herbs being harvested from the garden… and it’s honey season which means gallons and gallons of pure raw honey from our beehives!!! I’m especially fond of honey at the moment, because I’ve been eating it by the spoonful the last couple of days, to help avoid catching the nasty cold my mom has. More on that later… but let’s just say honey, lemons, and apple cider vinegar (along with lots of water to help cleanse the body!) make a pretty good case against unwanted sickness… 🙂 {happiness}

And guess what! Yes… more travels. I mentioned that I was preparing for another upcoming trip. I’ll be back soon with pictures {hopefully!}…

My sister has been working on something lovely, which she finished today. I’m so excited… I’ll share another picture later on of the entire finished project. 🙂


Today we celebrated Father’s day a little late, since my sister arrived home from New England late last night. We shared hand-written cards, ate homemade pizza, and made warm chocolate chip cookies to eat with ice cream. Mmmmm…

I hope you’re days are filled with as much happiness as mine! It’s those little things that count, and make the most wonderful blessings in life – but we have to choose to see them for all that God meant them to be. The Lord is good. 🙂



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