An Arkansas Wedding

I’m back home again, from a long and *very* exciting weekend in Arkansas! Most of you have probably heard of the Duggar family, from the TV show 19 Kids and Counting. In the Fall of 2009 I attended a 10-day girls’ program in Chicago and Michigan, where I was on the same team with Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger. The rest is a sweet story of friends growing closer. 🙂


Back to Front L to R: Jill Duggar, Jana Duggar, Myself, Jessa Duggar, Amy, Priscilla Keller (her sister married Josh Duggar), Amara (the girl whose family I stayed with for the wedding), Jinger Duggar, Ariante, Grace, ?, Bethany

duggar-wedding-300Their daughter Jill got married to Derick Dillard this past Saturday. And what an incredible surprise it was when God worked out all the details for me to fly to AR and stay with a dear family (their one daughter was also on our team at the girls’ program in 2009) who knows the Duggars well (they basically consider each other family even though they are just *really* close friends).

I have a lot of fun highlights from the trip, but I’m saving some of those for later on when I can do a post about the wedding. All photography and videography, and other sharing through social media was/is not permitted until 3 weeks from now. I was give a special photography pass so that I could take some pictures (they had a few hired photographers, TLC had quite a few photographers and videographers, and then a couple of us were allowed to wear a name badge with permission to photograph) of the wedding and reception, although I will not have my pictures back until 3 weeks from now.

I did take a few pictures of my trip though! Here are a few highlights around the wedding – from the time of my arrival on Thursday afternoon, to my departure on Sunday evening.

~ This trip was my first opportunity to visit Arkansas, my 29th state in the US!

~ I sat with a Christian lady on the flight to AR, and we talked about so many wonderful topics – family relationships, raising kids, different denominations, doctrinal issues, standards, salvation by faith vs. works, marriage, true love vs. emotional feelings, entrepreneurship and businesses, our families, and so much more…

~  I stayed with dear friends, and we had new guests arrive every night for a total of *lots* of guests. It was one huge happy sleepover with late nights and not-so-early mornings – fun times!!


{Lunch at a place called Braums, with Amara Q, Heidi Q, and another girl who was at the church with us on Friday for wedding preparations}.

~ I was “adopted” by a really sweet family with 7 daughters (and 1 son who could not make it). They took me out to pizza the night of the wedding rehearsal dinner (since the family I was staying with was part of the wedding party but I was not) and to visit some other families a little ways out in the country.


~ I got to see a really sweet family, who I’ve been in contact with for a few months now (via email), but had never met!

~ I got to surprise another sweet family (I knew they would be there, but did not tell them I was coming) 😉


~ We visited the Duggar’s home twice, and enjoyed a wonderful time of food and fellowship with *lots* of other families 🙂


~ I missed my earlier flight home (flying standby at noon)… which provided an opportunity to go back to the Duggar’s home and visit with many of the sweet families I had met, until later in the evening.


~ While waiting in the airport for my evening flight home, I met a lovely little elderly couple who had come from Charlotte on the same flight I took Thursday morning! We were both going for the same flight home as well, and both flying standby! They offered to treat me to a delicious lunch at a really nice restaurant in the airport, and by the time we parted ways they were practically “adopted grandparents”. 🙂

~ I found a cute little “I’m thinking of you gift” for Tiny Tim in the AR airport – a turtle named Pokey, with big green eyes that look at you, no matter what angle you hold him from! 🙂


~ I attended part of the Duggar’s church service, while waiting for my flight home, and then returned after I missed my flight, for a time of food and fellowship, and a visit over at the Duggar’s home.


~ Someone recognized me from my Google+ profile and introduced himself to me at the wedding… fun times when you get to meet “a friend” you’ve heard a lot about, but never met before! 🙂

Ahhh… wonderful memories from an incredibly amazing trip to Arkansas! I enjoyed my time WAY too much, and can’t wait for another opportunity to go back someday (maybe another upcoming wedding 😉 ). God is good! I am still in awe at all the details that seemed so impossible from the beginning, and how the Lord opened door after door to make straight my paths before me. So grateful for the times of growing, learning, sharing, making new friends, fellowshipping with dear friends, laughing, singing, helping with wedding preparations, and so much more…!

I posted more pictures here.


3 thoughts on “An Arkansas Wedding

  1. Sarah,
    It was wonderful to finally get to meet you and talk to you about so many similar things! We look forward to writing about our exciting weekend/week when the time is right. 🙂


  2. Looking forward to seeing pictures!! That’s SO neat that you were able to have a photographers pass! Three weeks can’t come soon enough! 🙂


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