Summer Giveaway!!

The day started off something like this… sunshine, watermelon, and graphic design projects…

Shhh… don’t tell anyone, but a certain someone was the last one of out bed this morning. She overslept the alarm clock by 1 1/2 hours… for the 4th time this week! 😉 Pretty sad for someone who usually doesn’t sleep past 6. I wonder if it had anything to do with a crazy adventure last week?! 🙂

So today I had some big projects lined up to work on … a little writing, a little more writing, a lot of writing. Some editing, more editing, even more editing… I hate when things don’t line up on pages and documents don’t transfer to websites properly and online customer service chat gets me nowhere with the help I’m looking for. But I do love figuring things out even if it takes me a long time. Next time I’ll cut a lot of corners and have it done more quickly and efficiently. Yes, there will be quite a few more projects like this in the near future… 🙂

I did finish one project. I submitted it to the printer late this afternoon and I can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail!

Another project is well on its way to completion. It will be making its appearance shortly as well.

As much as I love projects like the ones that make today so adventurous… there’s nothing quite like the happy squeals of soaking wet little brothers from outside the window, on a hot Summer afternoon.


So somewhere around 5:00 I pulled myself away from all remaining projects and went in search of my friend, the camera. I love pictures. I also love taking them. Snapping this and that and whatever seems most randomly wonderful at the moment. Hey, you can only capture this moment once. And I promise you’ll wish you could remember it later on.



But taking pictures just wasn’t the same as being part of the crazy fun…




Yes, it’s been a long time since I played in the sprinkler with my brothers. There’s no rule against being a kid when you’re 20 is there? Sometimes I think a lot of “older ones” miss out on so much in life, because they forget to have fun with the people they love. And what better way to spend a hot Summer day (with a broken air-conditioner that won’t be fixed until tomorrow) than jumping around in the freezing cold water, laughing and screaming and spraying each other…!?


The sad part was that later on just before dinner, one little brother slipped on the driveway and scraped his knee and elbow. No pictures this time. It was absolutely disgusting. Blood was dripping down his leg and elbow. It was the kind where a nice big slice is taken off – not incredibly deep but raw, red, and open.The poor guy was so brave, no tears. We bandaged it up with great big blobs of wonderful healing salve and some bandages.


Oh my, that healing salve is my favorite go-to for just about anything, and everything. Today I’m doing a giveaway for a tin of Healing Salve. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what your favorite thing is about Summer – besides watermelon, sunshine, and playing in the sprinkler…  🙂

The giveaway ends Saturday, July 5th, 2014. I’ll draw a name and announce the winner on the blog.

Enjoy this lovely Summer! Eat watermelon, play outside, and take pictures to remember this moment!


24 thoughts on “Summer Giveaway!!

  1. Hand-cranked homemade ice cream (especially sweetened with real maple syrup) using real vanilla ! Add some fresh peaches, strawberries or blueberries and curl your taste-buds 🙂 Some in our family enjoy toasting some shredded coconut to sprinkle on top.

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  2. my favorite thing about summer is i get to spend time at the beach with my kids. they are usually in school so we dont get that much quality time together and summer is my time to catch up


  3. This summer my favorite delight has been a little patch of dirt our landlords gave us in their garden to grow something of our choice. I am thrilled to have a harvest of spinach, dill, and basil already this summer. We blended our bounty and made dill pickles with her cucumbers. Today I put up 31 cups of basil. Sheer delight!

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  4. I like summer because of all the opportunities it brings to reach out more into the world and my family. So often during the school year it seems as if I don’t have as many opportunities to shine my little light into the world.
    Another thing I love about Summer that just blows my mind is flowers…like the little cluster of daisies on our kitchen counter cheerily reminding us that we are to “rejoice always” is such a blessing.

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  5. I love the opportunities summer brings, like music camp and Bible bee, which I am doing for the first time this year.


  6. Let’s see… favorite thing about summer. It’s hard to put just one, so I’ll give you a few.
    **The heat and sunshine — and the healthy, hearty, strong feeling that comes from working outside all afternoon
    **The fact that everything is ALIVE and growing, showing forth the praises of our Creator
    **Sitting on the porch, enjoying ice cream with my family, reading the Word or talking together, and seeing the sun set over the mountains
    **Looking out over a freshly mowed and weed-wacked yard, enjoying the fruit of our labors
    **Fresh lettuce!
    **All of the bright colors — whether it be in summer clothing, flowers, fruit, vegetables, etc.

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  7. I love serving as an STM every summer at Joni & Friends family retreat. It’s a place for families affected by disability to come and have a place of respite from the world… And a lot of fun!!! 🙂
    Check it out!

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  8. My favorite thing about Summer is being able to spend lots and lots of time with my family while not having to worry about school work assignments!

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  9. Probably one of the best things about summer is not only having fun outside but getting to work with your family in the garden canning veggies and berries.
    Ours has become a summer tradition having done it for over 7 years with our grandparents and cousins.
    My 6 year old sibling says going out in the field to harvest tomatoes, peas, and corn is what they look forward to and doesnt want to miss out!

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