Carrot Cake

Some of you have asked about the Carrot Cake recipe. I made it again today – and we just happened to have a special guest coming into town from AL (Actually, she flew in from Atlanta). Talk about a little pressure to “perfect” a recipe. I had mentioned that I was wanting to make one small adjustment to the frosting, before posting it in the shop.


Oh my… I’m not sure what happened. But in the process of making a few small changes I had one final brilliant idea. And between measuring, mixing, and making a mess… something delicious happened.

I know I admitted that up until a couple of weeks ago I had never personally made a carrot cake. But I’ve tasted quite a few carrot cakes in my life. And it’s not that often that I tell myself “This is one of my favorites!”, especially when referring to a gluten free dessert.



I was thrilled when our guest said she couldn’t tell that it was Gluten Free… at all.

But I think the guys made my day. One brother (who owns a bakery) said he was going to use this cake for a promotional next year around Easter (I created quite a few Gluten Free recipes for his bakery, back when I worked with him, but he’s never personally been very fond of any Gluten Free dessert). And the other brothers were all threatening to cut seconds for themselves if I didn’t get them some more (I wanted to set some aside for our parents, who are coming home from a getaway today).


So for those of you who were asking, I’m so excited to announce that IT’S IN THE SHOP! And there’s one big piece left over here, if anyone wants to drop by for a visit… 😉

P.S. Check out my updated PRODUCT page, and my new FAQ page!


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