Independence Day

Today started off late, with sunshine smiling on sleepy faces… hair tucked up in messy buns … and the delicious smell of fresh Bran Muffins baking in the oven. We ate our breakfast on the back porch with lovely 70-something degree weather. It’s been a wipe-the-sweat-off-your-face kind of week… and this is the second Summer that our air conditioner isn’t working (only last year it was the upstairs unit that had to be replaced). The cool breeze coming in through open doors and windows makes me smile, and today is no exception… 🙂

It’s the 4th of July, but more importantly it’s Independence Day. It’s a day that we celebrate our costly freedom – and the lives that were sacrificed – so that we can read our Bibles, and share the truth with others (without fear of being imprisoned)… and live without fear, without persecution, without the pain that fills so many people’s lives in other places.


We’ve had a lovely guest here from AL – a special friend who became family for part of this week, and whom we had the privilege of celebrating the first part of today with. (She’s currently on her way back home, and we’re missing her already!)


(It’s a Family tradition to visit Elisabeth’s grave every year on July 4th – she was stillborn, 18 years ago today).

We filled Joanna’s short visit with sweet somethings like ice-cream… late night laughter…out and about trips (including the SC peach stand and produce barn)…fun food (mashed potato omelette anyone!!?)… and singing hymns. 🙂




One brother owns a bakery, and has been busy making special edible treats to sell… something along the lines of sugar, sugar, and more sugar decorated in red, white and blue. Mmmmmm 🙂


Sometime late afternoon we grilled some hamburgers and sat around the porch as a family… eating and talking 🙂



Later on I took all of the kids below me into town (which is just about 3 minutes away) to get some ice cream from the creamery. Mmmm… they make it themselves 🙂


The town was already crowded at this point!! We ate our ice cream and then went back to set our stuff up and meet the rest of the family for fireworks.



I posted more pictures here.



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