Rotten Bananas…

Is it just my family, or do y’all sometimes have rotten bananas sitting on your counter? Well… not rotten exactly, but you know what I mean? Some people like their bananas crunchy with green… others like them both green and yellow… or maybe even with a few brown spots. But when they’re more black than any other color they just don’t taste… quite like a banana anymore. 😉

Someone was going to throw them out, but hey… wait a minute! Those are perfect for banana bread. I’m serious! The most delicious banana bread is made with the most disgusting looking bananas. Underneath all that unattractive, withered black stuff… there’s a whole lot of goodness left in them! 🙂


So on Tuesday I baked up a big batch of banana bread. Yes, and Gluten Free too. You can have your Gluten Free… and enjoy it if you like… why not? Gluten free people should eat well too. I’m not Gluten Free, but I have an obsession with creating foods for people who are. Seriously… eating gluten free can sometimes be discouraging (dried out whatever, with great big lumps of fibrous nuttiness… and rather squished to death?), even if there are some incredible products out there! And since we know quite a few people who can’t eat gluten, or don’t do well with it, we often make up something gluten free for friends or guests.


No way, no how, am I going to eat 3 loaves of banana bread by myself this weekend… and the one small problem with this delicious recipe is that it doesn’t freeze well. I’m still working on the ratios of stuff that holds-it-all-together inside… which would be why the recipe is not in the shop right now. It cuts very nicely, but when you spread your cream cheese on and pick it up, crumbs begin to fall… :-0

Happiness is when you have a great big lovely family to help you eat it all up… and so much more happiness when they smear cream cheese all over the top and LOVE every bite of it, with you. And that’s just what we did!



And then Wednesday happened… with Peach Custard Bars (sweetened with Honey and Maple Syrup!)… which went into the shop shortly after. Mmmmmm 🙂


We had a nice pile of leftover peaches from the great big basket we bought in SC last week… and what better way to use them than to bake up something delicious!!


Enjoy this BEAUTIFUL Summer y’all!! Tomorrow begins an exciting adventure for the whole family…  🙂

P.S. I have wholesale listings in my Etsy shop now!!

P.P.S. I bought a tent this evening… yes a tent! So excited about going to Market in SC, next month!!!


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