Make This Moment Count…

Summers are for ice-cream… taking walks down a quite country road… playing games in the backyard… drinking ice water and grilling out on the back deck… running and chasing each other in tall grass that’s ready to be mowed again 😉 … jumping into cold lakes and then drying off in the warm sun…

Y’all named some favorite Summer activities in a recent blog post… and I had the opportunity to do quite a few of them this past weekend! My family took a trip to the Bristol VA area, to visit our grandparents who live there during the Summer… and own a boat!! It’s really beautiful where they are, and the temperature and humidity much lower (loveliness!). We enjoyed our time to the fullest!


Getting ready to leave home… happiness is 3 sisters, matching in $3 t-shirts – after looking all over the place for a shirt to match *any* stripe in this skirt {besides cream}… 😉


Taking a walk with Bethany and Josiah (who took the picture) on the evening of our arrival, after a delicious dinner (I think we stuffed ourself and decided a little exercise would be lovely). Gotta love those moments to talk with your siblings after a long day, and just spend some time together in the beautiful warm outdoors! 🙂


Family game of volleyball later on…

We had several dozen bug-bites between the 9 of us… but we were prepared!! Loving Summer… and bug bite salve 🙂


Bethany and I helped Nana with a 1000 piece puzzle that she had barely finished the border of. Later Jonathan and Josiah helped put some of the last pieces in. See the bottom part of the puzzle? That was my part. Rock and water … all pieces looking nearly identical. {happiness} :-/

Who doesn’t love a good, fun challenge?!


The cliff!! The water level was up much higher than it’s ever been {probably only about 12 feet this year}. We spent the morning jumping in and climbing out 🙂


Tubing!! We docked the boat at a beach/park area off the side of the lake, enjoyed a picnic lunch, and then set out to spend the afternoon tubing and swimming. Jonathan and I made the most of our ride by bailing out at the end… lol I think half the lake was up my nose and into my head by the end of the day.. 😉

This was the first time in a long time that our *entire* family went swimming together in the middle the lake. Fun times!!!

And then someone pointed out that I had forgotten one very important part of the morning {apparently *everyone* else put their sunscreen on, although a few ended up rather pink anyway…}. I don’t think I’ll forget again… it’s well filed away for next time 🙂


So I’ve been wearing all sorts of sticky, slimy, messy substances over the past couple of days. Some have helped more than others. I’ll be sharing more on that later. Don’t you just love the learning opportunities that come when you least expect them?!

So grateful for each and every “classroom” of learning in my life. They are gifts from the Lord that don’t always seem very lovely. But through them I grow and learn and am challenged…in ways that then enable me to {hopefully} be a blessing to others, who may be in similar situations.


Enjoy this lovely Summer! And make every moment of today count… because you can never have it back again.

You can’t take back that hurtful word you said…

You can’t go back and climb trees with little brothers yesterday…

You can’t undo the reality that you were too busy working to invest in the life of someone who needed a little love.

So make today count. Make this moment count. It’s so worth it, I promise 🙂

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