A Little Boy and His Cookie…

I love Saturdays. They are fun-filled family days, filled with house projects {whatever didn’t get done, or needs to be fixed, or worked on, or whatever…} and being together. We eat ice-cream after lunch and make pizza for dinner. And sometimes we’ll take a day trip to the mountains if the weather is glorious, or we just feel like going off on an adventure. 🙂


{Photo by Josiah}

But to be quite honest, today started off a little rough. I woke up early and decided to tackle a few work projects which should have taken me about half an hour… but in the process of preparing an order for my dad’s client, some complications occurred (with both computer and order details), requiring my dad’s assistance. And so 1 1/2 hours later I was feeling a bit frustrated! {so much for a productive day…?}

And somewhere in the middle of all of this, Tiny Tim (who is 6 years old) came into the room where I was working alone, and closed the doors. He came over to my desk and brought out a bag of 2 cookies that our grandfather gave to him last weekend IMG_0523during our visit. He handed me one – the one that happened to be my very favorite of the 2 flavors… and then helped himself to the last one. It was the sweetest thing ever! I felt so loved and appreciated. While everyone else was out in the kitchen preparing breakfast, little brother knew that I was having a difficult time, and thought to share his cookies with me. 🙂

And while I was sitting there trying desperately to figure out these work problems and get this all sorted out… I was eating a delicious cookie and thinking about how special the gift of family is; how special life is; how special these opportunities are that I often take for granted. They are opportunities to learn and grow and be challenged in new ways. They are blessings in disguise that God will use for good in my life, if I will graciously and obediently submit to Him. And while I was eating my cookie, Father reminded me that I needed to be grateful; that I needed to thank Him; that I needed to rejoice and be a good example to the others around me… to see this for the good that He intended it to be.

And so because one very sweet little boy thought to share his cookie collection with me, God did something big in my heart today. A little while later while reading my Bible and journaling, He reminded me that this has been an incredible week… the kind of week where something really extraordinary happened like every day! And I’m writing this post to share some of those glorious moments with you. Because so often in life I fail to praise God, and to give honor and glory to HIS name!

~ It is a beautiful Saturday afternoon… but all the more beautiful because I’m drinking fresh iced Spearmint tea – from my herb garden!! I planted 6 varieties of mint last year, and this is the first time I’m making mint tea from home-grown plants. Deliciousness!!

~ We purchased fresh garden tomatoes from some friends at the Farmers Market this morning … which we enjoyed with lunch! Oh my… there is a world of difference between the tomatoes from the grocery store, and the fresh sweet tomatoes that grow locally on someone’s farm!! Can’t wait until our garden tomatoes are ripe. Some are beginning to turn red!!

~ Then there’s the 8 x 2.5 foot banner that Hannah designed for me several days ago {I’m going to be a vendor at the Good Living Market in SC!!}. It took quite the effort on her part to get everything up to requirement for the website specifications. But in the end I ordered my banner, and saved somewhere close to 50% with the company’s incredible sale!

~ And then there was yesterday… I had ideas for a picture, for the front of my brochures {which I’ve been wanting go print for a while now!}. So I pulled some things together, Hannah took the picture… and another project submitted to the printer – also for 50% less than the normal price! {Happiness} 🙂


{Photo by Hannah}

{Goofing off during a photo session… LOL we have way too much fun sometimes!}

By the way, I love this company! They have far exceeded my highest expectations on all of the projects I’ve submitted so far… and there’s always a new coupon or discount arriving in my inbox. 🙂

And… there’s a big sale going on through the end of today… up to 50% off site wide! Yay…loving the benefits of that sale already!


~ And to top it all off I finished making 80 something jars of Pumpkin Butter, which I started working on a couple of weeks ago. A dear sweet lady contacted me through my Etsy shop, asking me to do favors for her wedding this Fall. And yesterday she submitted an order for the same number of jars of Apple Butter… the other half of her favors. So excited!!! I’m going to be happily busy this coming week and next. 🙂

{Loving this whole wedding favor side of the work!} 🙂

It’s been a *very full* week, to say the least. But I feel so blessed. There are new products that I’ve been able to work on, and *many* preparations for the Market next month… and that delicious cookie that I ate before breakfast, that a little boy thought to bring me. He has no idea how much his little gesture of kindness meant to me today – or how it showed me the love of God, the abundant blessings that I’ve received this week, the preciousness of family relationships… and the gift of *every* experience that Father allows, in the lives of His children. {Grateful}  🙂


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