It’s been a HUGE day… very productive, and exhausting… {in that really good sort of way that leaves you feeling very fulfilled!}. I started 2 great big batches of Apple Butter last night, and woke up this morning to a long day of canning. I’m working on 80 jars of Apple Butter for a wedding this Fall. So all those little bitty jars had to be washed up and dried… and then heated and filled… and Apple Butter kept warm between canning… and then waiting to make sure they all sealed… and boxing them up. Somewhere around 4:30 PM I made myself bring all 80 jars of Pumpkin Butter downstairs {the other half of the wedding favors}, so that I could take a picture of the whole finished project. Ahhhh… loveliness when you can look back over a big day like today and feel the beauty of accomplishment. 🙂


And in between canning batches, there were other exciting things to keep me busy. We’re hosting a business workshop this weekend in our home {sign up for our September workshop here!}, so I’m working on the last minute details and logistics for that… and then there’s lunch to prepare for a crowd here {DIY Mexican burritos anyone?)… and working on some math with a younger brother… and orders to mail… and people to email… and things to clean up and tidy up… and errands to run.


But in between whatever “one-million” little {or big} things you might have on your to-do list today, it’s important to take time to laugh… to stop and look out the window at Summer happening all around… to take note of where the different ones you love are, scattered around the house working on projects or playing together, or whatever.


And one of those moments happened while I was standing in the kitchen making lunch, and thinking about the next steps for my third batch of Apple Butter. A small brother who can just barely see over the top of our highest counter went and got a pen… and in his adorable handwriting he wrote something on what he thought was the grocery list {it was actually the menu for this week’s business conference}. Seconds later he looked up and said “Sarah, it’s time to make popsicles again, so I put juice on the grocery list, okay? So next time you go to the grocery store try and get some juice.”

And then he asked my dad to come look and see if he had spelled it right. “Not quite” was the answer… but almost! I went over to look, and had to laugh. It was adorable. The little guy had written “Jo oos on the list” – just like that. With a space in the middle. Later he told me that it should have 2 o’s in it… because “my dearest brother taught me that.” {that to make the oo sound you have to have 2 o’s} … 🙂

LOL. So cute! I think he meant to write joos. It’s adorable when littles learn to read and write.

And so, after a LONG day in the kitchen, I finished all my Apple Butter! Yay! So much fun 🙂

I went and worked on some other projects that needed finishing – like shrink-wrapping, mailing, and printing labels… and then because it was late afternoon and not quite dinner hour, I took Tiny Tim to the store to pick out some “joos” and yogurt and fruit… to make a new popsicle recipe based on some ideas from Pinterest. We love fruit juice popsicles. We’ve always made them by mixing together Orange Pineapple juice, and Cranberry Raspberry Juice (all 100% juice). It’s the easiest thing, no sugar, and so delicious for a hot Summer day. Perfect for eating outside on the porch!


And then we came home and mixed up those popsicles… which we’ll be enjoying soon!  Mmmmm 🙂


And then, to finish off the evening well, we mixed and mushed and squished and rolled… and made up a great big huge giant bowl of “healthy” peanut butter balls!! Relaxing, therapeutic {LOTS of hand-mixing and rolling!}, and yummy {you always have to taste the dough right?!}.

Loving busy days… but reminded today that everyday is a day to laugh, and to make time for what matters  – not only to you, but also to the people around you. ❤


One thought on “Jooos

  1. What a lovely accomplishment!
    Today I put up a lot of tomatoes from our garden and made dill butter.
    Taking time out in the midst of a packed day for someone else is actually refreshing… which is what I am off to now. I am leading a discipleship Bible study via Skype. 🙂
    Enjoy your popsicles!


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