It’s Here!!

There are a lot of things on my gratitude list today, for sure. And one of those would be the knock on the door today, that placed a small box into my hands. A box that I’ve been waiting for, for what seems like a VERY long time, even thought it’s been less than 2 weeks. And my siblings would tell you that the past couple of days have been like that. “Today ______ is coming!” and “Tomorrow ________ is supposed to be here!”.

{Grateful for the mail carriers, and those who make it possible for us to get our product(s) in just a few days, or weeks!}

Yes, getting mail could practically be one of my love languages 😉 … I love it when something I’ve put time and effort into, arrives in the mail in the form of something “bigger” and “better”. 🙂

{Grateful for my older sister, who played a key part in designing my other most recent project, as well as some of the other things you’ve seen around the internet, and on this blog. 🙂 } _MG_0211

The truth is, just days before I submitted this project to my printer, it looked nothing like it does now. At least the most important part didn’t. It was an ordinary brochure. It had my business name on the front in big letters, and a few bullet points below the picture, describing the quality of my products.


And then we went on a trip. I brought a copy along for my parents to look over and edit. And while we drove to VA, new thoughts were inspired… ideas were created… and changes were made, in the form of hand-written notes.

{Grateful for my dad, who is an incredible entrepreneur, business owner, coach, and advisor… and my mom who is very detailed and thorough, and offers invaluable advice!}


It’s not about me. It’s not about my name, or the fact that I make health products… as much as it is what I’m passionate about doing, and why.

I’m passionate about helping people find healing from their pain and sickness. I’m studying herbal and alternative medicine, so that I can educate others to make wiser choices for their health. And I want to encourage people to consider and identify possible root causes of their health problems… so that they can find lasting answers; long term solutions that don’t result in negative side effects, and aren’t harmful or dangerous.


So we came up with something like this… and the project was submitted… and I tried to wait very patiently while the template became a work in progress.


And here it is! {Happiness!}

Now, I’ve told you all before how great my printer is! Not only has This company done an excellent and superior job on all of my printing projects so far (Business cards, special post-card advertisements, my new banner, and now these brochures!), but today I got to work with Customer Service… 😉

This is the first time I’ve had any problem with the printed results of a project, and even then it is only because 2 of my brochures had a small washed out section on the front cover {where there was a line down the center of the picture with one half faded and the other extra dark}. So I contacted the company via live chat, and the lady quickly placed me a new order for free. Yes, she is sending me 100 free brochures, because 2 were a little messed up on the front. How incredible is that!!?

So you see, I’m feeling *very* grateful today.

What are you grateful for? Have you started a list, or a notebook?

A few notes from today, can make a world of difference for how you view {and face} tomorrow. I promise.


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