A Walk Through the Garden…

Loving days like today to enjoy some fresh Summer air!

Who doesn’t love a cool breeze while weeding in the garden? And if you don’t already know this, mulch gardening makes weeding SO MUCH FUN! Those little weeds {no matter how big or touch or deep they go} pull right out!!!

My weeding project was a great reminder of how LONG it’s been since I posted some pictures of my herb garden. Besides a picture here and there of course… so here are a few pictures of what’s growing and blooming! 🙂






Vick’s Plant

I was given a small cutting of a Vick’s plant earlier this year, which I kept in a glass of water for a long time while it rooted. It was looking kind of wimpy until I potted it… and once I moved it to mulch it took off! I’ve not actually done anything with it yet. The leaves are plump and look like they’ be full of gel if you popped one. Not sure what the best ways is to use them, but they definitely have that lovely strong menthol fragrance when you split the leaves!!_MG_0369



St. John’s Wort


Lemon Balm


A small Sage plant that I started from seed in the Spring!! My other ones from last year all died, so what joy to see this one keep on growing!!



It had some purple buds {and still has about 3 tiny ones} but nothing that I wanted to harvest this year. The plant was very small when I first brought it home from the Herb Festival in April it, so I’m happy to see it growing in size. 🙂


Calendula – yes, still harvesting! I have quite a big bag of these flowers now. 🙂


A crabapple tree in our orchard



Plantain – one single plant that I started from seed last year.

There are other herbs in the garden that I didn’t take pictures of. Marshmallow, Arnica, Chamomile, Soapwort, Catnip, Peppermint, Spearmint, Yarrow, Echinacea, Mullein… some of them are still very small and others aren’t really blooming anymore.


Today was also a great day to move a big pile of mulch on the far side of our yard.




And… it’s also a wonderful day to work on the yard. Why not? 🙂

What favorite herbs are you growing in your garden?


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