I promised to share some pictures from Saturday’s Market… but then things happened. 😉

Unexpected things like  getting lost taking a detour {which resulted in a 2 hour trip to SC instead of 1 1/2 hours}… getting there on time but taking way a little longer to set up than we had imagined… and then when we finally stood back to admire our finished booth… rain happened.

Not just rain. It POURED. And it thundered. It was windy, and rain blew in all over our displays. Labels started getting soggy. Blackboards and display signs started dripping and smearing and fading. David’s lovely bakery display case got so foggy that you couldn’t see what he was selling {not that it mattered, because only 3 people came by to look at our products… and 2 of those were vendors selling next to us}.

We snacked on some of David’s baked goods while we stood at the back of the tent feeling cold wet rain blow… and starting to drip. Because we had tables all around the sides and back of the tent {and we were standing behind the back tables}, going around to pull something in from where it was getting wet, meant running back and forth in the downpour. There was a small river running around the edges of the tents.

And we laughed. We watched the vendors pack up and leave 1 hour later and 2 hours later, one by one. We joked about how funny it would be if we were the only tent left on the whole street. But I don’t think either of us really thought it would be that funny.

And to be quite honest it was not all fun and excitement. It was not all the crazy-fun kind of adventure. It was discouraging. It was cold and windy and rainy. It was miserable. I wondered about having to dry off every. single. product. and replace all the labels. I thought about our loss. The time we had wasted. The effort and money put into things for this first big event, and little to show for it.

But I had prayed about it that morning, and now the Lord was faithful to replace those negative feelings with gratitude and contentment. Because this seemingly “bad” thing is a part of His perfect plan. He has some bigger picture that we cannot see, that He is working out little by little in our lives.

And I was grateful.

Grateful that our tent was the only one with a few drips coming through the roof, instead of a flood. Grateful that we didn’t have to push up on the sides of our tent to let an accumulated “bucket” of water roll off the sides {as everyone else was having to do}. Grateful that the tent didn’t blow away, or fall over, or even shake very much at all {when some of the reviews had been complaints about windy weather}. Grateful that a few people DID come by and purchase some of our products. Grateful for the meaningful conversation we had with another vendor {a young father who had accidentally left his little 3 year old girl in the car, last year… and she died} who was handing out child-awareness stickers and his story to everyone with small children – to remind them to get their little ones out of the car!! Grateful for all the things David and I could laugh about while we stood there thinking “what in the world are we doing out here today, so far from home with weeks worth of preparation and not a single customer?!”

It was worth it to me, just to learn all the things that I learned on Saturday. To talk with new people. To see this new place in SC. To be with David for 7 hours, spending quality brother-sister time.

And I remembered the time that I attended a market with 3 siblings from this farm. And it poured rain, and there was a small flood going through the tent. And things were soaked. Daniel kept right on shouting above the roaring of the wind and rain… explaining the benefits of chemical-free produce from their farm… and Josh was frantically trying to keep the Granola baskets from getting soggy. I was holding the baby of a young mother selling pets in the next tent over, while trying to help Sarah W and this mother pack up the tent and load things into her van. We were out in the storm completely drenched… and enjoying every moment of it together! And now I look back on it and laugh. Because it was one of the most memorable moments of last year. And this will probably be one of those to. 🙂

Life happens. Circumstances are ordained. God is in control. He does all things well. And we stand back and make the most of what we have to work with, and choose to be grateful for what we CAN see the good in at this moment… and to TRUST Him in all the rest.

So… I don’t have any pictures to share. Not a single one! But I do intend to go back. We’ll try, try again! And hopefully next time there will be lots of pictures, and fun stories to share. 🙂


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