Hard Work :-)

The whole world seems to be talking about exercise. There’s always a newest, latest, greatest program for getting your body back into shape, working those muscles, and being a healthier more active person. And there’s nothing wrong with exercising for all the right reasons! But who says we can’t have some of those same benefits from doing a little hard work? 😉


My brother Jonathan teases me because much of the work I do is computer or research related. That means he’ll pass by a room and see me with my nose stuck in a book… or staring at the computer screen doing who-knows-what!? And he usually leaves a comment-in-passing about how I need to get a little more hard work into my schedule. In his mind hard work requires a shovel, screw-driver, weed-wacker, or some other tool and a few muscles. Well, I see his point … but there are plenty of days when I feel like what I do is hard. 😉

{We’re on happy terms here, just in case it isn’t clear!}

So today I took his suggestion! Actually, more like there’s this lovely massive pile of mulch on the far side of our yard that *really* needs to be moved and spread out. The younger boys have been working at it for a little while now, but today someone decided that the whole thing needed to go. And what better way than teamwork?!


So today I got in a little hard work 🙂


And seriously… I really do love shoveling mulch. I enjoy all of the yard projects we do. They don’t happen every day of course {which is why I go through so much Sore Muscle Salve 😉 … }, but when there’s something to build or fix or plant or spread or shovel… I really do want to help. It’s a lot of fun, especially with a big family!!


And I got to thinking about some of the health benefits of being outdoors.

Being Outside

I’m not sure about you, but I just feel healthier when I’m out in the fresh air – rain or shine. There’s something lovely about being outside and enjoying God’s creation all around you while you do… whatever! There’s so much room to think and breathe and look and observe and do…  if that makes sense.

And things are alive and growing and happy!


Sweating {which I usually do plenty of during and after yard projects} helps improve blood flow and increase circulation.

It aids the body in detoxifying, by flushing out toxins from the lymph system, liver, blood, etc.

It improves digestion.

It improves the skin’s elasticity and tone {probably why my skin always feels amazing after I do an outdoor project!}.

And it helps the body relax {which is really nice if you’re feeling stressed about something}.


Have you noticed that when you take a good long walk or go running, it helps your body release stress? And then after a long day of doing something difficult you sleep *so much better*? Or at least I do {especially after a day of backpacking in the wilderness, or building a wall in the front yard…}.

Not to mention, getting out of the house away from computer, TV, phones, and other things that can become addictive and discourage creativity, is wonderful!! Get yourself working on some projects, and you’ll feel so much better!

Exercising also releases endorphins which means you feel happier! And I’m not sure about you… but I’m feeling happier already just because I can see what we’ve accomplished this afternoon! 🙂





Bethany took a short video of us working.

Go outside and get some sunshine! 🙂


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