That Flower in the Garden is So Much More!

This morning I dropped a fork on my toe while putting away clean dishes before family devotions. For some reason it hurt a lot more than I remembered from similar incidents… and it wasn’t until we had all gathered on the back porch with Bibles in hand, that I felt a stinging pain and actually stopped to look at my toe. Oh my! The fork had actually stabbed a {rather large!} hole in my toe, and it was bleeding {a lot}. Nothing a little soap and water + healing salve can’t take care of… 🙂

It’s amazing how much more things hurt when we notice that there’s blood, or a hole, or skin missing. Do you find that to be true? Why is it that the tears start to fall once little brothers sees that the “ouch” is associated with a large scrape on his fearelbow – and that there’s broken skin and blood?

{By the way, I’ve learned when addressing injuries on smaller ones, that it’s best to be very calm and relaxed, forget about making a big deal out of it, and try to cover up the injury or distract the attention of that person so they aren’t focusing on what they see that seems much worse than it is. There’s a tendency for people to gasp and yell “his head is bleeding!!”, “oh my what if there’s glass in his head!!”, which only makes the child afraid and worked up. But… staying calm doesn’t mean there’s not a real problem with real pain or real damage. And it doesn’t mean being insensitive, or trying to brush of the reality of what they’re feeling either. }

It’s amazing how little incidents can lead to long trails of thought… like this morning. I was thinking about how many people have asked me what to do for this and that – and how easily I take for granted whatever little I do know about certain herbs or oils for healing.

Take for example the Healing Salve that I used on my toe this morning.


Bumps, Bruises, Scrapes, and Cuts

When I first decided to come up with a Healing Salve, I was thinking bumps, bruises, small scrapes, cuts, etc… you know, the little things that brothers can’t seem to stay away from for more than a couple of hours at most. 😉

But over the years as I began learning more and more about various herbs and essential oils, it occurred to me that wow… God has created each herb with SO many different healing purposes. Take for example Lavender. A nice green plant with tiny purple buds. But wow are those buds amazing! Have you considered even this many of the benefits from this one single plant?

Broken Bones

And gradually I started using my Healing Salve for so much more than scrapes and bumps. Last year I broke my toe 10 days before we were supposed to leave for a 3-day, 19-mile backpacking trip. And I used herbs for 4 days – including Healing Salve {which contains a large amount of Comfrey, excellent for binding up – broken skin, bones, etc.}.


Puncture Wounds

Several years ago I was outside in our garden, watering some plants. I put one of my fingers under the edge of the bucket where the end of the metal handle curved under, in toward the bucket… and then picked up the handle, pinching my finger in there with the full weight of the water. It took a few seconds to get my finger pulled out of the handle… and by then I had figure out pretty quickly that I needed some help. By the time I got inside there was blood all over my face and arms. It didn’t even occur to my mom that all I had was a small hole the width of the bucket handle, in one finger… :-0

While washing it out in the sink {and squeezing it to death with a towel to stop the bleeding}, she was saying I needed stitches. Thankfully we were able to get the bleeding to stop a little while later, and bandage it up. I never got those stitches. And I hadn’t made my own Healing Salve at that time. But we did have some other kind of salve that I used regularly for the next week while I kept it bandaged to heal. {I still have a scar where the hole was, but I wonder if it would have been wise to faithfully apply vitamin E!!}

It’s amazing what can happen when you get a few herbs together that work to (1) stop bleeding (2) bind up broken skin, and (3) relieve pain… or whatever other symptoms you’re trying to address and bring healing to.

Skin Conditions

It was Healing Salve that helped one friend-of-a-friend {above other things I sent her to try} with her eczema.

“I have severe eczema on my hands and cannot tolerate plain water, let alone any creams or lotions no matter how gentle. I suffered from a painful flair up while out the other day and remembered that I had a tin of Healing Salve in my little one’s diaper bag. As soon as I applied some of the salve, the burning, itching and pain stopped. The next day my hands showed marked improvement; the cracked and peeling skin had healed a great deal. I am so impressed! I have never had such immediate or profound results with a healing salve -and I have tried dozens of them! Thank you!”

It’s the jar of Healing Salve that I grab when I come in from the garden after crawling through squash patches and tomato jungles… 😉 with a million prickles from those great big squash leaves all over my arms. And I’ve learned that washing my arms with soap and water doesn’t prevent the itchy red rash… but Healing Salve does! 🙂

Head Injuries

It was Healing Salve that went onto little brother’s head, when a glass globe fell from the ceiling fan and cut his head.


Itching, Swelling, and Pain

Healing Salve came to the rescue for some painful, itchy bug bites, while visiting relatives in VA this Summer. We were outside, and my Bug Bite Salve was in a screw-lid container that was so glued shut the guys couldn’t even get it open!

Hardworking Hands

It’s Healing Salve that I rub onto my hands after a long work project like this one. It’s my favorite go-to remedy for callouses, pain, cuts, etc…


A Little Bit of Everything

I. take. it. everywhere.

Literally! Why not?! I’ve even used it for chapped lips… to moisturize my skin at night before bed… and to help heal a tick bite last year.

Study to Learn & Understand

This is one thing that I love about studying herbs. God has created these little plants {with lovely flowers and fragrant smells} to heal our bodies! Who would have thought that the flower growing in the garden is packed full of healing properties, and thought to be the top herb for beautiful skin?!

It’s so much more than a leaf… or a flower on a stem…


What a privilege it is to be able to learn and understand even a small part of God’s design, tucked away inside happy little plants in my garden. It opens up a whole new world for helping others, and making better choices.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Single Herb

Don’t overlook the MANY benefits that can result from that jar of whatever-it-is salve. Forget about the name, and learn to recognize the herbs. Do you know that Comfrey is “the bone-knitter herb” {among other things of course!}? When you see Calendula do you think “healthy beautiful skin”? What about Lavenderbest known for its calming, relaxing properties. And Peppermint is a natural pain reliever that actually numbs the pain receptors and provides a cooling effect. These are things someone mentioned in passing, or I stumbled across on the internet one day and then began to see again and again. They are things you can make note of and tuck away in a notebook for future use. So that the next time you’re in a small crisis you immediately think “oh this is what I need!” or “how about one of these three herbal-infused oils to address ____ and ____”?

It’s. so. much. fun.


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