Dillard-Duggar Wedding {Pictures}!!

Back in June I had the incredible opportunity to attend the wedding of some really special people – Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar {Dillard}!! I posted pictures from my visit with so many lovely families and wrote about some of the fun highlights of my time in AR {my 29th state!!}.


But it’s been quite a while since then… 2 months!! And now I’m ready to share a couple of snapshots that I took during the wedding reception. I don’t have pictures of the actual ceremony. Just one little snapshot of Daddy Duggar walking his daughter down the aisle ❤ … but you can find posts and pictures on the Duggar’s blog and lots of other places I’m sure!! And honestly, I’m so glad for the time spent visiting and fellowshipping, even if it meant taking hardly any pictures at all!!


Here comes the bride!! 🙂


The wedding cake… there was enough cake for 3,000 people, and somewhere just over 1,000 attended. Yes, there were MANY announcements made about eating cake, eating more cake, sharing cake with a friend, taking cake home, finding someone to take cake to, etc… and still there were tables and tables full of cake left over.


Fellowshipping. It was a little overwhelming being in the midst of SO many people! I’ve never seen so many people at one wedding. Everywhere I went there was someone else with a  familiar face. There were moments when I found it exciting just to stand back and watch everyone. 🙂




Hannah & Sarah Johnson {far right and center} with a friend. Our families visited at the homeschool conference in TN earlier this year. It was great to see them again!! 🙂




The board behind the cake table is where Derick and Jill stood during the reception, and greeted over 1,000 people who lined up to congratulate them, snap a photo, or give hugs/shake hands.





One of the Bates girls. The Bates also have 19 children, and are best friends with the Duggars. Ellie Bates (a younger sister) was on my Pre-Embassy girls’  team at the homeschool conference earlier this year.


Sweet Mrs. Paine!! Her family has been such a blessing to me over the past many years! Her son Chad Paine married Erin Bates!! The guy in the picture introduced himself to me later on at the Duggar’s home. He’s apprenticing right now in hopes of working with planes as a missionary. It was neat that he mentioned wanting to visit a place called JAARS {Jungle Aviation And Radio Service … which is just down the road from us!!} because now we might have another visitor in the not-so-distant future! 🙂

It’s so fun how the Lord brings people across our paths in the least expected ways. Also very grateful to have met several other new families who made a huge impact on my life in the few short days I was there in AR. Whether making me feel like part of their family {since I was there alone}, giving me a place to stay, or just reaching out to me and becoming very special friends in the process. 🙂

Some other highlights from the wedding…

~ Attending the rehearsal {this was my first time attending a wedding rehearsal, besides a relative’s wedding when I was very young}.

~ Being able to snap photos!! Only a very small handful of regular attendees were able to have a pass. So not sure why they let me in that group, but GRATEFUL! It almost didn’t work out at the last minute, and it ended up being so much fun!!

~ Seeing so many families that I’ve not seen in a LONG time, and getting to meet many more!

~ Visiting a family’s home with new friends, about 40 minutes out into the country {down a dirt road where there were spray-painted warnings on the sides of old rusty trailers, and symbols of guns, and other random things that let you know you should only trespass when invited…} 😉

~ Getting to visit with some of the Duggars in person – both at the wedding, around the rehearsal, and at the Duggar’s home. Catch up time with sweet girls who are wanted by everyone + cameras!! And… talking with Ben and Jessa about their progressing courtship, and getting to really meet Ben in person for the first and second time!

~ Getting to see all of the bridesmaid dresses and wedding clothing on rehearsal day… and roaming the church building with friends, while watching volunteers and coordinators rush around and make preparations.

~ And the list could go on for a long time… 🙂

P.S. Did you hear the big announcement? Jill {Duggar} Dillard’s younger sister Jessa, is officially engaged to Ben Seewald!! 🙂 There’s another wedding coming up *very* soon!!

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