A Georgia Guest

We had a guest from Georgia arrive last night! Ruth was on my team of 12-16 year old girls, at a homeschool conference several years ago. My first time leading… her first time attending… and a couple of us girls have kept in touch with her ever since! It’s been fun. And so when we heard that she was on her way up to New England to attend Bible School, we were more than happy to have her stop by our home!!


Since there were only a few of us around when she arrived, three of us girls took a short walk through the neighborhood and then we pulled out Settlers of Catan – a fun game before dinner!!







Shortly after we started the game it was time to get some things prepared for dinner. We were expecting another family for dinner, and needed to accommodate some dietary restrictions as well. So off we all went to cook up sweet potatoes, grilled chicken, hamburgers, salad… and homemade french fries!! Mmmmmm 🙂

We video-taped the whole thing. Oh what fun memories we made!! Laughing, talking, and finding the hilarious moments in something as simple as preparing hamburger meat or fixing a salad… 😉


And right smack in the middle of dinner preparations, with little time to spare and many hands rushing to complete the job… someone came inside howling 😦 … and so we stopped to fix up his little toe. Yes, that is a *lot* of healing salve as someone mentioned.

Soap + water + some hydrogen peroxide {“Mr. Bubbles”} for cleansing + some healing salve and a bandage.

Happily, he is almost completely healed now! That great big flap of skin completely sealed back down overnight, and now he is running around playing as though it never happened.

I posted the picture that shows the least detail. He had a chunk flipped up beside his toe-nail, and it was cracked and bleeding below that.


And the following morning (today!) we took this fun picture of the girls.

We’re glad you could come Ruth! Thanks for stopping by to see us. We hope you will visit again on your way home to GA.



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