It’s Time for YOU to Share!!

I put a lot into this blog. It’s true. Some posts take a a few minutes, and consist of snapshots from the garden. Some require filling in details from a busy, exciting day with family and friends. Some take extra research as I contemplate what additional information I may need to include along with some health advice… or write a complete and thorough explanation of “How to” in some specific area. And then there are those no-brainers where I copy out a recipe and say “This is what I made today…”

So why do you read this blog or follow this blog? And what do you love {or not love} about what you read? Does one thing stand out above the others?

I definitely want to keep my focus on sharing what I’m learning and doing, as I study natural healthcare… but I also want to share the things that are most meaningful to you as a reader. I LOVE writing and sharing with y’all… so which topics should I put extra time and effort into?

Please share! I’d love to know what YOU think! And additional comments are always welcome for a more detailed explanation… I LOVE hearing from my readers!! 😉



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