Bringing in the Harvest

Today was the day we started “breaking down” the garden. It’s almost time to start working on our Fall garden, and today’s project consisted of tearing out Zucchini, Yellow Squash, and Cucumber plants that are no longer producing.

Tiny Tim helped me in the squash patch. We ripped those things apart {so they’ll decay more quickly!!}, and in the process we harvested a few remaining vegetables.

Fun times!! And if you’ve ever heard of The Farming Game… I thought of one *memorable* square on the board while working in the garden this afternoon. “It’s a cooker! 114 degrees in the shade…” And oh my was it hot!! A friend in Vermont could have used some of our sunshine for Market today… and we sure would have loved a little of the rain from up there, to cool us off while working in the garden! 😉




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