DIY Herbal-Infused Oil

Here’s that promised post for all of you DIY fans 😉

DIY Herbal Infused Oil

My dad has been encouraging me to make more videos, as I’m learning and sharing… and to be quite honest I really want {and need!} to work on this skill more. So here’s the first of {hopefully} many more DIY videos. 🙂

This week I put together a video on the very first thing I learned, when I started making my own herbal remedies. Infusing herbs into oil is one of the first steps to making your own natural remedies. It’s something I do *all the time* and it’s an essential part of just about *every* product I make – to use and sell.

If you’ve already got this down, great! Wonderful 🙂

But if you’re new to herbal-remedy-making and want a step-by-step tutorial on how to get your herbs into an oil… this is for you! Have fun!! 🙂

Click HERE to watch my video.


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