Today… in Pictures

I love days like today! They’re packed full to the brim, and overflowing… if you know what I mean. 🙂

There’s never a dull moment with a family of 9, and today was no exception!

I take my camera just about everywhere, so that I {or someone else} can grab it whenever. Tonight… I have a lot more pictures than words to share. Snap-shots that random ones captured throughout the day. Oh joy… I love pictures for the ability to re-live those precious moments spent together working, and just living life. So here’s from my family… to yours.



Tearing out more of the garden {all the plants that are no longer producing}.










Talk about a stubborn weed… the “little” thing went about 6 feet across the ground, before it finally ripped out!










Preparing 70 something CDs with special reports/newsletters – to be mailed to some of my dad’s clients. Bethany (my younger sister) is in training for some of the smaller projects right now, so we worked together. Fun times!! 🙂


And then…oh joy!! Did I tell you that we’re building bunk beds for the guys’ room!? Two of them, for the 4 guys. I got to help start work on that today!! Loveliness!! 🙂



Running boards throughout the jointer.. our job was to carry the wood around to where my dad would receive it, and then take it on the other end to re-stack it.






The completed posts (we have yet to stain everything once we’ve built the other parts)  🙂

And then later on in the evening I went with some of the guys to get another load of boards from the store in SC. Our local NC store didn’t seem to have a very large selection of “good” wood.

On the way home we had a fun lesson on what exactly the titles CIO, CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CSO and CXO stand for. Lol. Fun times!!

What a day! We should {hopefully} have those bunk beds completed and in the boys’ room early next week!!!


There are exciting things ahead!!!


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