An Evening Work Project

We’re preparing for a Fall garden… in case you haven’t figured that out by now 😉

If you’ve not already seen the film Back to Eden, I highly recommend it (you can watch it for free online). Paul Gautschi does an EXCELLENT job communicating a very practical gardening method {using Scripture to point out some very incredible things!!}, and has personally given our family much advice in our efforts to transform our gardening – beginning back in 2012.

It makes perfect sense. Why should you have to use chemicals to deal with bugs, weeds, poor soil, etc. Mr. Gautschi points out that if we look around us in nature at the things God has created, everything seems to have a protective covering where nature thrives untouched {take a walk through the woods!}. By carefully applying some principles over the past *many* years, Mr. Gautschi shares that the pH of his soil is perfect, and all the conditions are right for the plants to thrive. I so recommend this film – it is a great watch for the whole family! I promise… our family has seen it at least 3 times, even with friends 🙂

So there’s been talk of getting some horse manure from a farm in the neighborhood, and covering our garden over. With mulch gardening, everything’s about layers… more and more layers. Always. Good stuff breaking down, transforming rocky orange clay into lovely rich dirt! Loveliness. 🙂


And tonight was the night! Or so we learned while eating supper. David announced that we would leave immediately after. Our parents have date night every Friday, and on nights like tonight they do something together at home -so it was the perfect time for 6 out of 7 noisy kids to head outside for an evening work project! 😉


No pictures from the farm <sorry>… but Josiah took all of these for us while we stationed ourselves strategically in a small work space, to unload the trailer into the garden. And yes, if this was a challenge, you should have seen us down at the farm. I think all of us got horse manure in our boots, on our hands and arms… and everyone got bumped at least once with a flying shovel. But thankfully we’re all still in one piece! 😉






I think… yes… we can dump this… together ? 😉 <lol guys?!>


The happy crew. Many hands make light work <+ red faces + dripping sweat>… 😉

Off to wash boots and shovel-handles, and get cleaned up!


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