Grateful Because…

Today I woke up to a small army of little men crashing through the girls’  bedroom door… something about needing Bethany because her fried potatoes were burning?

And right along with the coming of a bright new day was the start of a very full gratitude list! Here are just a few from today!

#7306 We had delicious fresh watermelon from the garden with breakfast!

#7307 While everyone scattered off to various time-sensitive work projects, Josiah and Tiny Tim were my heroes. Together we scrubbed and cleaned and put the kitchen back together.

Happiness !!


#7308 Saturdays are Bethany’s dog training days. The Lord blessed her with a very successful training session. {I love how she trains the owner to train the puppy. That way they can effectively put into practice everything that is learned, back at home!}

#7309 It’s day 3 of building bunk beds for the guys’ room. Many hands make light work! And since the last post we’ve prepared another load of boards – planing, sanding, etc… Boards were glued together and pieces assembled.




# 7310 Since the guys were all busy, and the lawn needed mowing, my mom tackled the job. Loveliness… our yard is looking very happy! 🙂

#7311 Our company is switching to a new program that none of us are familiar with. {When I say ‘our company’ I am referring to the work that I do for my dad’s company. } Today I had to ‘educate’ self on how to use the thing. And just fyi, watching videos is actually a very effective way to quickly gain how-to knowledge!

# 7312 Did I mention that I’m writing a book? Actually… I wrote the book earlier this year and will be providing it in ebook form on this blog {someday… although a certain friend continually reminds me that there is no ‘someday’ on the calendar}. My editor is a little busy 😉 but we’re getting there. That’s been another part of my work today and this past week. Re-reading it after several months gave me some bright new ideas on how to make it better – expanding the story sections, adding some essential information that I realized I had left out, and the like…

I’m so excited!! It’s a topic that everyone in the world can relate to. No matter who you are. So stay tuned!!


# 7313 Somewhere around noon I raked out that pile of manure we dumped into  the garden last night. Hmmm… it’s looking like we’re going to need at least 3 more trailer loads to cover the garden.  :-0

#7314 And as if my day wasn’t already quite productive and wonderful… a friend’s phone call came in the perfect timing. You know how special it is when someone calls just to share a random thought or two… and you end up deeply touched, and in tears? ❤

#7315 Happiness is rushing off of such a phone call because there’s a fire in the garden… and then realizing with a sigh of relief that someone actually started the fire in the garden! 😉

#7316 I finished infusing some oils for Bug Bite Salve, which I’ll be making a big batch of this coming week!

#7317 Just for fun, my sisters are doing this to my hair tonight and tomorrow. We try new things on each other, and hope it works out. 😉

And here’s one last picture from the day… the completed ends of the bunk beds. On Monday we will be assembling, staining, etc…


I hope you had a lovely Saturday!!



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