Labor Day Picnic

Today was an incredible day. I got to see some very dear people that I have not seen in a very long time! We had several families come to our home in the late afternoon for a fun cookout, fellowship, and game time. Happiness!!


Some of the older guys (and the littles) raced around the yard playing tag and who-knows-what-else. Others of us talked and laughed and sat on the porch swinging, or toured the garden while eating dessert. Fun times!


The adults had a lovely time conversing in the kitchen, later on after dinner…


Hannah and Bethany (a sweet girl from our church, and one of my very dear friends!).


Bethany and Deborah (a friend) played a game of volleyball with these lovely sweet sisters from our church (Priscilla, Joanna, and Elizabeth).


And oh joy! Let me introduce you to some very special girls in my life – girls that I’ve written about before on this blog, but you probably have no idea who they are anyway 😉

I haven’t seen Christina, Rebekah, Deborah, or Katherine for what… a year or more?? Too long! We hardly ever visit with each other these days, because life is… you know… I hate to say it… busy?!

But yes, these are our precious “best friends” (the guys were not interested in being in the picture 😉 ) from growing up. Oh my… what special memories I have tucked away from my childhood with these ones.They have a kid for every kid in our family… and in the end we lost 6 others but they gained 2.

These are the ones we visited with practically twice a week (literally!), and *always* played “Sarah Moore” (a favorite historical fiction character) with. We knew each other  like sisters and brothers. Our families would visit way too late and end up sleeping over at one another’s homes. We celebrated birthdays together… got sick together (chicken pox?!)… played together… got into trouble together…and yes, fought together 😉

And whenever we got together we were reenacting some other time period in history… revolutionary war orphans, scottish girls (Ah yes, we even learned to speak Scotch-English which created quite an irritation with other family members who knew no idea what were saying…), and the list goes on. One year we put together a real live “Sarah Moore” play, and brought in all of our friends to play various roles and learn their lines. We did it all well! And when we watched the video recording years later, we laughed until our sides ached, and the tears came down. 😉

Ahh… I love these girls so much! Whenever we get together as families we have a complete blast!

This was us way-back-when… 😉


And this was today!


So tonight we talked about everything in our lives – health issues and challenges (Rebekah is doing a lot of self-studying as I am, due to some big health challenges she’s wanting to better understand), studies, education, family life, doctors, medicinal drugs, natural remedies, favorite and not-so-favorite health product companies… and many other less-boring things too 😉

Oh yes… then we went inside and had a huge chemistry discussion with diagrams and everything. Wow was that fascinating! Fun times!!


So, now that you’ve been introduced these incredible girls… ask me sometime how our families met (when I was just a baby). Lol it’s another great story for another time. 😉

We had a fairly small group despite the lengthy invitation list… but it worked out perfectly. What a special evening it was! I could not have asked for a better time! Feeling blessed, refreshed, and so very happy!

P.S. Tonight’s discussion with one sweet friend sparked an incredible true-life health testimony that  ties in so perfectly with my new book (which I really need to finish soon!)… and with her permission I’m adding that in. Which is why I now have some writing to do! 😉 Loveliness!!


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