We have this thing in our family… “Relax” we say to each other (in a playful, encouraging way). It happens when someone’s feeling tense, sore, stiff, tired, tight, anxious, stressed, afraid, overwhelmed… and even during those random moments when a “deep” conversation begins to shift slowly into the direction of an argument or debate. 😉

“Relax…let it go…”

Nicely… with a smile of course. And sometimes we’ll grab the person who is closest to us and give their shoulders a good deep massage. Just because.

In fact, I sometimes tell a friend or two to “Relax”. Usually with a smile (and a shoulder rub if they’re standing next to me). Sometimes through an email. They probably have no idea that it’s a special Stelzl family thing. But to me it is one way of “rubbing away” the cares, and of saying, “Let me help you with that burden… let me try and relieve the pain a little…what can I do to make you feel better ….” it’s a way of sharing encouragement and support – you’ll get through this. Let’s make the most out of it and smile all the way through.


<relaxing… during this project 😉 … I’d say that dog is *well* loved, wouldn’t you?>

But there are days (like today) when this girl needs to “relax” (by that I mean tight muscles, tension, etc… in case you thought I meant quit working 😉 ) and there’s just too much to do. There’s no one around to come by and help me “loosen up” a bit. And that’s just how life goes. Busyness. Hard work. Sometimes intense focus, sometimes a time restraint, and other times physical labor…

Loving this stuff… and wearing it too! Everyone knows when you have a headache, if you’re wearing essential oils), but this stuff smells amazing! I could wear it just for the lovely relaxing fragrance… 🙂

The truth is, I hardly *ever* get headaches. The last one I got was when our family took a guest to the Aquarium in May. It was a terribly rainy day, brought on very unexpectedly after a week of lovely weather. The entire family had a headache in the car on the way there and home… so I’m positive it had something to do with the pressure change due to weather conditions. Lol imagine what our van smelled like for the next week … Headache Oil!! 🙂


Today’s headache was the result of an intense project I’m working on this week. Long hours each day staring at a computer screen, typing and writing and switching pages every couple of seconds. My dad’s company is transitioning from a certain program (forums, landing pages, marketing tools, etc.) to a better program, and there’s a deadline to get the job completed in the next couple of weeks. We have customers who are constantly accessing these pages as members of several continuity program that we do, which means the information needs to be completely transferred before we can quit the other program altogether… loveliness!

So yesterday and today I have worked on literally building 100 pages and moving all of our posts and media over. With this program, everything gets its *very own page* … :-0

I love this project! But there comes a time when my head begins to throb, and my back and shoulders get tense and stiff. Telling myself to ‘relax’ hasn’t really helped. Stretching and rolling my shoulders hasn’t really helped. Neither has drinking lots of water… but Headache Oil has worked wonders, along with some relaxing Sore Muscle Salve on the back of my neck. 🙂 In fact, I’m practically ready to start all over again. Which is wonderful… because there’s plenty more to do! 😉

Here’s a fun fact… the idea for my Headache Oil came from our chiropractor. She had a blend of 4 essential oils that she would use from time to time on my mom (and other patients) while she worked on them. I added a 5th oil for its important benefits, and also adjusted the ratios. That was early last year. And guess what… it’s my #1 selling Essential Oil Blend (tied with Allergy Oil actually), which seems to be a strong indication that most people get headaches on a pretty regular basis?

Another fun fact… I’ve only ever used the Sore Muscle Salve for a broken toe, and for sore back and shoulders after work projects like this one. So when a customer (who lives on a ranch… how fun is that!) shared with me that she not only uses it daily for her Fibromyalgia, but gave some to her sister for a headache, it was like a lightbulb moment. Oh… of course! You can apply that stuff for more than one reason! 😉


~ Frankincense is excellent for inflammation, and has a calming, soothing, healing effect on the brain. It stimulates better blood flow and circulation, while reducing and relieving pain.

~ Peppermint is a natural pain-reliever, and has been found to effectively calm and numb the nerve’s pain receptors. It has a cooling effect that calms the body and stimulates clarity in the brain.

~ Lavender is best known for its effective calming and soothing properties. It helps promote rest and relaxation, and is often used to reduce and relieve pain. Oh yes… and check out all of these other incredible benefits!

~ Wintergreen is well known for its warming effect that brings quick pain relief. It can also be very effective in increasing blood circulation, which helps the body relax, and reduces stress and tension.

~ Rosemary is an excellent muscle relaxant, and has been very effective in improving blood circulation. It has a warming effect that calms the body and aids with relaxation and stress reduction.

What always fascinates me is how many benefits a single Essential Oil can contain. When I applied the Headache Oil and Sore Muscle Salve yesterday and today, I wasn’t exactly experiencing a severe headache or migraine. There was only a dull throbbing pain that bothered me and made it difficult to focus and concentrate. And yet it only took a few minutes before I felt my neck, forehead and shoulders begin to relax. The tense feeling loosened up and went away. And with it the dull pain and throbbing. Not to mention, the smell is so relaxing – another thing I love about Essential Oils! The smell in and of itself is wonderful because it affects the brain, your clarity of thought and focus, how you feel (emotionally), and other parts of the body as well.

“My sister was over at my house a couple of weeks ago & was complaining of a bad headache, probably stress related. So, I rubbed some of the Sore Muscle Salve on her temples & back of her neck. Within a few minutes she started to relax & feel better. I’ve used it for my nervous tension headaches with good results but wasn’t sure it would work for her, but it did! Great stuff! In addition to my Fibromyalgia (This stuff really does help me, especially at night when I can’t sleep because of the aches and pains) I also have Morton’s Neuromas on both feet, so I rub some on the balls of my feet & it really diminishes the pain. Thanks so much! I do want to order some as Christmas gifts & more for myself!”

 – Claire from Arizona

There are a number of excellent things you can do to relieve tension, relax the muscles, and soothe pain. A cup of herbal tea, a cayenne drink (which I have not personally tried… nor do I intend to unless desperate times call for desperate measures lol).  This method works great for several in our family, and is very relaxing, but requires a good book for best results…


I don’t have any more in the shop at this time, but some dear friends sell them through their online shop!

How do you effectively treat headaches and tension?

I’m sure whoever you are, whatever you do, however a ‘usual’ day goes for you… there will be those days where you feel tense, tight, sore, stiff, overwhelmed, tired, in pain… maybe today is one of those days. And because life is full-to-the-brim-and-overflowing, you have to keep going.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a smile and enjoy whatever you’re doing to the fullest! Sometimes… those are the days that make the best memories to look back on. 😉


Relax… 🙂 maybe a family member can help you “loosen up” a little. ❤


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