End-of-the-Week Update

It’s the end of another exciting, productive, and very busy week! Saturdays are picture-post kind of days. And since I always have a random assortment of ‘updates’ from our latest projects, here’s what we’ve been working on since last Saturday’s post.

– For starters, Something exciting happened on Tuesday evening!!!

– One brother (David, 19) just finished making 20 pies for a wedding this weekend. Check out his bakery and catering here! Mmmm… everything looks and smells delicious, and I know these pies will taste AMAZING, because our family got to devour the leftovers from the sample pies that he made up for the bride last month 😉 … and, yes.. there are definitely times (like this) that I miss working for my brother’s bakery!

Btw, just because I’m so excited, he’s going to be selling DIY baking mixes, starting with this one. (Quite a few of the recipes in my shop were actually created for the bakery in the first place, and so David sells them at a local store in town.)

I couldn’t resist taking pictures of such deliciousness!! Mmmmmm…  🙂





So get this! When David (and one of my sisters) went to deliver the pies this afternoon, they discovered that the bride (from SC) is marrying the son of a family we know quite well that lives in PA!! In fact, we met his family at a conference like this one, and see them pretty much once a year. How fun is that!! It’s a small world 😉 … didn’t this same thing just happen like last month with another friend?! LOL… it seems like everyone travels down here eventually, for one reason or another! 😉

– This week has been a huge week for helping my dad switch over from a specific program to another program – for his company. I’ve so enjoyed building pages, writing, switching information over, etc. And… listening to this, definitely made working on the project so much more wonderful!! I *always* enjoy listening to good, relaxing music while I work.

– Remember this post? Yes I’m going back! We try, try again – and with all the more excitement because the lady in charge invited us back on a ‘rain check’ (no vendor fee)! Come see me in Hartsville SC on September 13th, between 10AM and 2 PM. My brother David will be selling his baked goods there as well. We pray for sunshine, good weather, and lots of happy visitors! Just 1 week now!! 🙂


– A new product went into the shop yesterday! Delicious Spiced Apple Butter!!

I’m also getting ready to add a Health Manual ebook to the shop, that my mom wrote in 2010 – based off of 20-something years of health research, and applying things here at home for the family. So excited!!

And then I made up some more Bug Bite Salve that I’ve been needing to prepare. 🙂




– My ebook is coming along so nicely!! I made *several* additions this week. My dad has encouraged me to extend it so that it will be (like his first ebook) long enough to make into a hardcopy published version as well, but still short enough to get through in good time. I’m about halfway there… :-0

I will probably be adding to it later on, because I’m really hoping to get it on the blog soon!!

– I made some changes to the Etsy shop – updated profile, About page, etc…

– The boys’ bunk beds are coming along nicely! You should know that such projects *always* take longer than expected due to unplanned setbacks, multiple trips to the store (or multiple stores!), other activities that have deadlines, and such. I’m sure some of you relate… 😉

However, David worked on the assembled ends earlier this week, and today we worked together to stain all of the side boards!! My dad and Jonathan are working on building the side-rails and ladders. There’s still the process of clear-coating and assembling the beds. I promise I will post completed pictures! I already have the ‘before’ of the boys’ room… just need the ‘after’ …!!



Ah yes… so I’ve never stained anything before ! But… David showed me how it is done, and after that it went quite quickly and smoothly. And oh my… it was SO much fun!!!




– Have I ever mentioned that Saturdays are not only very productive family project days… but that it’s also the day that we make homemade pizza and eat ice-cream?! Yes… that has to be one highlight of the day for most of us… 😉


– On a very sobering note, there was a death in the family yesterday. Details followed today – details that were very sad and painful to try and imagine. I had been praying faithfully for this relative every-single-day. We knew that there were only a few months left (due to a serious health condition), but yesterday was sooner than I think most of us had expected. I was encouraged (and praise the Lord) for one small detail, that truly seems to be an answer to my prayers! This (along with my grandfather’s passing in 2011) are reminders to me that life is short and uncertain. We do not know if today will be our last day. And that is why it is important to make the most of every single moment – of every single day – and to live this life with a focus so much bigger than ourselves.

I love my family so much! At the end of a long busy week when I look back over all the moments we spent together, the work we’ve accomplished, the pictures we captured to remember them by… and the way we work together as a team to do anything and everything… I know that this is special. This is a gift from God that so many people in this world take for granted, or have thrown away.

Stelzl Family Picture

I. am. so. blessed.

Today I’m grateful for everything that has happened this week – the joys, the challenges, the tears, the laughter. I’m grateful for the things checked off of long to-do lists, and the things yet to accomplish. But I’m grateful most of all for the precious gift of family, for the love that God has placed in our hearts for each other, for His saving grace that gives us life and makes our days productive, fruitful, and joy-filled! And I’m grateful to be able to share little parts of that ‘specialness’ with each of you.


<New Life Church Family Campout 2012… During The Great Race>

Have a blessed Saturday! Make today special. Cherish the moments. Sow seeds of love and kindness wherever you go. Don’t ever let yourself get “too busy” to have a big heart – for everyone.


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