The Week {in Pictures}

So most of this ‘week in review’ is actually from yesterday. We’ve been working on the garden again… more horse manure from the farm down the road = more to shovel and dump out and move and spread and rake…


While three of the guys went to the farm for another trailer load, one sister, the smallest brother, and I worked together to move wheel-barrow-loads down to the farthest corners of the garden, and spread it out. Tiny Tim and I shoveled… Bethany raked.

It was HOT… the humidity here in Charlotte is terrible at times. We laughed about the sweat dripping down… and how we couldn’t keep it out of our eyes. But we kept going. And the job was finished… just in time for the next load to arrive. 😉





And so the guys arrived home and we moved on to tackling the next job. Emptying the trailer…





And on the way to wash off boots and rakes and shovels, I snapped a picture of the bunk bed project. David, Jonathan and I have been working on clear-coating the pieces. We took 2 segments of 3 afternoons to apply 3 layers of clear-coat. One thing’s for sure – I don’t think any of us plan on refinishing furniture as a side business… 😉

There are still 4 side rails (like the four in the front  part of the picture) to clear-coat, as well as the ladders and side rails that are in the making. Someone made the brilliant comment “I don’t know why we ever thought we’d get this done in three days…” but I’m excited to see the project coming along anyway. Much has been accomplished!


I completed that huge project I was working on for my dad (switching from one program to another) – although it is an ongoing project at this point with very small changes continually being made as new resources are developed.

I also recently made some changes to a product (new containers and labels) that I’ve not updated in the shop yet. Whipped Peppermint Cocoa Body Butter…


My brother brought home a car today… he’s been shopping for a mini-van for several months now, for his catering, bakery deliveries, etc. And today he found the one!! It was over an hour away in SC, but now there’s a 3rd vehicle sitting in the driveway!! I said to my sister, “Is this for real!? I can’t believe our younger brother owns a van now!” David is the first one our kids to get a vehicle. 🙂


And guess what?! I have some extremely exciting news to share with you all – very soon!!! Actually, there are several things happening in the next little while here but one stands out above all else. Eeeek!! I can’t WAIT to be able to announce it.

As my dad says… “Does anyone have good news?”

So stay tuned for future updates! 🙂

Happy Saturday y’all!!



3 thoughts on “The Week {in Pictures}

  1. Your blog posts are always a treat to read, Sarah! I love the pics especially… Can’t wait to hear what your “exciting news” is!! You have peaked my curiosity!! Don’t let your readers wait *too* long. =)

    Liked by 1 person

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